Text-to-3D printers are coming

PLUS: Microsoft and AMD team up to build AI chips

In today's rundown:

  •  Microsoft and AMD challenge Nvidia

  •  OpenAIs new text-to-3D model

  •  Warren Buffets take on AI

  • Craft Ventures hackathon

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Microsoft is challenging Nvidia's dominant 80% market share in the AI processor market by teaming up with AMD on a project codenamed "Athena." 

As reported by Bloomberg, Microsoft has dedicated several hundred employees and invested around $2 billion in Athena's development. The collaboration involves Microsoft providing engineering support to AMD while AMD assists Microsoft in developing its in-house AI chips.

Of note: Other tech giants like Google and Amazon have also developed in-house AI chips.

Microsoft's move sends a strong message, showing determination to not only be a major competitor in the AI frenzy but to dominate the entire market.

OpenAI is back with another massive project. They just released research and code for their new text-to-3D model, Shap-E.

Shap-E produces complex and diverse 3D assets quickly, converging faster and offering better sample quality than its predecessor, Point-E.

At the current state, its limited to single object prompts with simple attributes, resulting in pixelated and rougher outputs. However, with AI's sheer speed of development right now, text-to-3D printers might become a real thing very soon.

At Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting, Warren Buffett compared artificial intelligence to the creation of the atom bomb, voicing both concern and amazement over AIs rapid advancement.

The billionaire said that his friend (some guy named Bill Gates) showed him ChatGPT and admitted the technology Can do amazing things.

Specifically, Buffet was impressed by the chatbots ability to check legal opinions. However, he also expressed his worries, quoting, I know we wont be able to un-invent it and, you know, we did invent, for very, very good reason, the atom bomb in World War II.

These statements put Buffet in the camp of pro-AI-regulation, joining advocates of Elon Musk, Geoffery Hinton, and the US government. Its clear AI regulation is needed, and world leaders are finally taking notice. 

On a lighter note, were excited to announce that were supporting Craft Ventures upcoming HackAIthon.

This free, 3-day event takes place in downtown San Francisco from May 16-18 and offers $20k in prizes for both technical and non-technical builders creating AI-powered products!

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