Microsoft's new ChatGPT competitor...

PLUS: AI models get fresh coding knowledge

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Microsoft has been making serious waves over the past few weeks with its smaller AI model releases.

But now, the company is thinking bigger — with rumors of a massive new model coming to compete with the best. Let’s dig in…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Microsoft training massive in-house LLM

  • OpenAI partners with Stack Overflow

  • Studio-quality audio in seconds with AI

  • Study: Teachers can’t detect AI writing

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Bloomberg

The Rundown: Microsoft is reportedly developing a massive 500B parameter in-house LLM called MAI-1, aiming to compete with top AI models from OpenAI, Anthropic, and Google.

The details:

  • MAI-1 is being led by ex-Google DeepMind founder Mustafa Suleyman, who recently joined the company following the acquisition of AI startup Inflection.

  • MAI-1 is not based on Inflection’s models, though tech and training from the company may carry over to the new system.

  • The 500B parameter model is larger than Microsoft's previous open-source models, with Phi-3 mini trained on just under 4B parameters.

Why it matters: With the coming MAI-1 and its Phi family covering smaller, on-device capabilities, Microsoft is positioning itself for the full range of AI while reducing reliance on its OpenAI partnership. Speaking of OpenAI — is that relationship now a messy divorce waiting to happen, or is Microsoft simply diversifying?


The Rundown: While 85% of AI projects fail, AE Studio excels in turning ambitious ideas into reality. The secret to success? Superpowers. That, and treating each project like their own startup.

Partner with AE Studio for:

  • Proven expertise in AI, blockchain, BCI, and more

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Share your big idea today, and let AE Studio make it a reality.


The Rundown: OpenAI just announced a new partnership with the developer platform Stack Overflow to enhance the performance of its AI models in programming tasks.

The details:

  • OpenAI will use Stack Overflow's OverflowAPI to access the platform's vast repository of technical Q&A data accumulated over 15 years.

  • The partnership aims to make ChatGPT better at providing coding answers by leveraging Stack Overflow's community-verified content.

  • Each ChatGPT response using Stack Overflow data will link back to relevant posts, fostering deeper engagement with the developer community.

  • The move marks a major change for the platform, which previously banned AI responses — though has since also partnered with Google’s Gemini.

Why it matters: ChatGPT looks like it’s about to get a major coding upgrade — a tantalizing thought given how far the capabilities have risen in such a short time. The deal is also a sign of the times, with a once AI-skeptical developer community now partnering with two of the biggest models in the industry.


The Rundown: Adobe's AI-powered ‘Enhance Speech’ tool dramatically improves the quality of audio voice recordings with just a few clicks.


  1. Access Adobe’s Enhance Speech website. Sign in or sign up for free.

  2. Upload your audio by selecting “Choose file” or simply drag and drop the file.

  3. Wait a few seconds while Adobe’s AI analyzes and removes unwanted noises from your file.

  4. Download your studio-quality audio and hear the difference!

Pro tip: If you have a video file, you can extract the audio using free websites that extract audio from video and add the enhanced audio back to your video using free video editors like CapCut.


The Rundown: Tabnine is an AI coding assistant that puts you in control of the coding experience — offering personalized, private, and protected AI assistance to simplify software development.

With Tabnine, you get:

  • Context-aware suggestions based on your own code and patterns

  • A protected model that only trains on permissively licensed code

  • Flexible deployment options including SaaS, VPC, or on-premises

Try Tabnine’s AI assistant and take control of your coding today.


Image source: DALLE-3

The Rundown: A series of studies from several German universities found that both novice and experienced teachers struggled to accurately distinguish between student-written and AI-generated texts.

The details:

  • The first study trialed pre-service teachers on AI and student text, correctly ID’ing only 45.1% of AI-generated submissions.

  • The second study tested experienced teachers, who correctly identified just 37.8% of AI-generated submissions.

  • The study revealed that teachers were overconfident in their ability to spot AI-generated text.

  • AI detection software also often falsely flags student-written texts as potentially AI-generated, which further complicates the issue.

Why it matters: AI’s writing capabilities are only getting better — and relying on teacher intuition or unreliable tools may be no more effective than guessing. Unless better tools become available, it may be time to pivot to enabling students to work with AI instead of penalizing them for it.


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OpenAI developer Shaun Ralston shared new footage generated by Sora, showcasing the ability to change a single element in a video without drastically altering the scene.

Hugging Face launched LeRobot, an open-source code library featuring tools, pre-trained models, and a community-driven effort aimed at democratizing robotics.

Hugging Face has also reached over LLM 1.3B downloads over the last two years, with GPT-2 accounting for nearly 600M of the total.

Cognition shared the results from its 24-hour hackathon using its autonomous Devin coding agent, with team submissions including agent orchestration, 3D physical simulators, launching a crypto token, and more.

OpenAI recently changed its URL to access its AI chatbot to, following recent changes to the company website and speculation of a new search product coming soon.

WIRED published an interview with Arati Prabhakar, crediting the chief science and technology adviser with showing ChatGPT to the president and helping shape U.S. policy on AI.



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