Nvidia gives robots a mind!

PLUS: Microsoft launches an AI division

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Nvidia just took humanoid robotics to the next level — and the next generation of embodied AI is coming FAST.

The company’s new Project GR00T is set to give robots a ‘mind’, enabling language, learning, and skill acquisition like never before. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Nvidia gives humanoid robots a mind

  • Microsoft hires Suleyman to lead AI push

  • Schedule calendar events using voice

  • AI unlocks MRI-to-image mind-reading

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Nvidia

The Rundown: NVIDIA just revealed Project GR00T, a multimodal AI system that acts as the "mind" for advanced humanoid robots — enabling them to learn skills and interact with the real world.

The details:

  • GR00T is a foundation model that allows humanoid robots to understand language, emulate human movements, and learn skills.

  • Leading robotics partnering with Nvidia to leverage GR00T include Figure, Apptronik, Agility Robotics, Sanctuary AI, and Unitree.

  • Nvidia also unveiled Isaac Sim, a tool for training and testing AI robots, and the OSMO platform for scaling AI workloads.

Why it matters: While AI has made huge strides, integrating advances into physical robots has remained a challenge. GR00T can help translate these high-level capabilities into low-level robot behaviors — enabling embodied AI that can perceive, reason, and act in more intelligent and human ways.


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Image source: Bloomberg

The Rundown: Microsoft just announced the hiring of Inflection AI’s co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, who will head up a new division called Microsoft AI focused on advancing Copilot and the company’s consumer AI efforts.

The details:

  • Suleyman will report directly to CEO Satya Nadella, overseeing projects like integrating AI assistants into Windows and Bing search.

  • Inflection co-founder Karen Simonyan also joins Microsoft AI as chief scientist, along with several other members of the Inflection team.

  • Inflection tapped Sean White as its new CEO, with plans to focus on the company’s enterprise API platform instead of its consumer chatbot.

Why it matters: Microsoft is doubling down on talent as it races other tech giants to put AI tools in consumer’s hands. The move brings a team experienced in building AI systems with a focus on human-centric interaction — meaning Copilot may get a major personality makeover in the near future.


The Rundown: In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up meetings and add them to your calendar using your voice via custom GPTs.

Tool requirement: ChatGPT Premium


  1. Visit the following Custom GPT in your phone/PC web browser (not the actual phone app).

  2. Use ChatGPT’s “microphone” to describe your meeting. For example: “Schedule a research meeting with Tom at 2 PM EST tomorrow”

  3. Download the .ics/.ical file, and it will direct you to your calendar to accept the changes.


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Image source:

The Rundown: Researchers at Stability AI and Princeton just introduced MindEye2, a major leap in the ability to reconstruct seen images from human brain activity.

The details:

  • MindEye2 analyzes brain scans from multiple people, learning patterns that enable it to understand new individuals more efficiently.

  • The model connects the brain data to an image generation model to produce photorealistic mental reconstructions.

  • MindEye2 can even predict captions for mental images, providing a whole new way to interpret brain activity.

Why it matters: By dramatically reducing the amount of expensive MRI data required while boosting the quality of reconstructions, the breakthrough opens the door to exciting applications in neuroscience, communication, and beyond.


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Google DeepMind introduced TacticAI, an AI system that can advise coaches on football tactics by using predictive and generative models to analyze previous play data, created in a collaboration with Liverpool FC.

Nvidia announced Earth-2, a cloud platform that uses AI and digital twin technology to forecast climate change and extreme weather events with high resolution and speed.

Saudi Arabia reportedly plans to create a $40B fund to invest in artificial intelligence, potentially becoming the world's largest investor in the sector.

Pika Labs’ new Sound Effects feature is now available to all users, allowing for automatic or custom SFX generations to pair with video outputs.

Samsung is creating a research lab to design a new type of semiconductor specifically tailored for AGI, aiming to meet the growing demand for AI chips.

Buildbox released an alpha version of Buildbox 4, an AI-first game engine allowing users to create games and generate assets from text prompts.

Fitbit is integrating AI features in collaboration with Google Research, developing a Personal Health LLM to provide users with personalized coaching and insights on biometric data.



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