Microsoft's 'AI PC' era is here

PLUS: Samsung teases Galaxy AI

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Microsoft’s PC keyboards are getting their first change in 30 years — and its all thanks to AI.

The company is adding a new Copilot key to its latest PC’s, taking the first step in integrating advanced AI into our everyday devices. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Windows ushers in AI PC era with Copilot key

  • Samsung teases ‘Galaxy AI’

  • How to boost AI outputs with surprising prompt hacks

  • JPMorgan releases DocLLM for business records

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Microsoft just announced a new Copilot key coming to Windows keyboards, marking the first major keyboard change in 30 years — with the company calling 2024 the year of the "AI PC".

The details:

  • A new Windows logo-styled key will activate the Copilot experience in Windows to seamlessly engage Microsoft's AI assistant.

  • The new key aims to simplify using AI in everyday tasks as the tech becomes more personal and intelligent.

  • The update will start appearing on new Windows 11 devices beginning in late February, including on the upcoming Microsoft Surface devices.

Why it matters: The prominent Copilot keyboard addition signals Microsoft's commitment to making AI assistants ubiquitous and easily accessible across its family of devices — and likely is just the start of a broad wave of AI enhancements across it’s devices.


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Image source: Samsung

The Rundown: Samsung just announced its Galaxy launch event for Jan. 17, while prominently touting "Galaxy AI" in its marketing — signaling major AI features for its latest line of smartphones.

The details:

  • The event invites promise a "new era of mobile AI" for the Galaxy S series, promising to set a higher standard for intelligent smartphones.

  • Previous leaks and rumors have pointed to prominent AI features for translation, low-light photography, and image editing.

  • The phones potentially include ‘Gauss’, Samsung’s on-device AI model revealed in November — which features language, code, and image capabilities.

Why it matters: Samsung looks to lead the way in making AI useful and accessible across mobile devices. If its mobile AI capabilities live up to the hype, will Apple users be motivated to switch if the new iPhones don’t see significant AI upgrades?


Image source: VILA Lab

The Rundown: New research just uncovered the most optimal prompts to get the most out of LLMs like ChatGPT — providing us a better understanding of how to effectively communicate our needs to AI.

Here are 5 (research-backed) ways to maximize ChatGPT:

  1. Incorporate the following phrases: “Your task is”, “You MUST”, “You will be penalized”, and ”Answer a question given in a natural, human-like manner”.

  2. Add “I’m going to tip $(random amount) for a better solution!”

  3. Use leading words like writing “think step by step.“

  4. Employ affirmative directives such as ‘do,’ while steering clear of negative language like ‘don’t’.

  5. Repeat a specific word or phrase multiple times within a prompt.

View the full list here.


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: JPMorgan’s AI research team just introduced DocLLM, an AI model extension designed to better understand complex business documents by incorporating both text content and layout structure.

The details:

  • The extension adds bounding box data on text segments and uses text infilling during training to handle messy real-world document layouts.

  • DocLLM outperformed leading models (including GPT-4) by over 15% on some form analysis challenges.

  • The model extension also showed reliable accuracy when tested on unseen document types and domains.

Why it matters: DocLLM looks to provide a lightweight way to boost AI comprehension of forms, records and other documents essential to sectors like financial services, healthcare, government and more — potentially helping automate slow, manual business processes.


  • RawuserAI- Personalized website customization using AI (link)

  • FrequentlyAskedAI- Instant AI-powered FAQ builder (link)

  • Record Once- Video tutorial creation and auto-editing (link)

  • Moodboard Creator- AI-driven branding kickstarter (link)

  • Ferret- Universal refer-and-ground tool (link)

  • Sourcely- AI-driven academic citation finder (link)

  • FibonacciKu- AI-powered educational assistant (link)

  • Cohere- Principal Designer - Branding and Digital Design (link)

  • Anthropic- Employment Counsel (link)

  • OpenAI- Software Engineer, Preparedness (link)

  • Synthesia- Account Executive - Enterprise (link)


Midjourney CEO David Holz said he believes the company can get to the ‘holodeck’ and real-time open worlds in 2024, referencing the fictional device from Star Trek that uses holograms to create 3D simulations.

Google DeepMind student researchers just introduced Mobile Aloha, a low-cost, open-source robotic system capable of completing complex tasks like cooking, cleaning, and more.

Robin AI raised $26M to expand its AI-powered legal contract assistant globally.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's net worth jumped over $30B in 2023 to $44B thanks to the company’s stock surging nearly 250%, propelling him to 29th on Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.

Tencent researchers developed Paint3D, a new AI framework to generate high-resolution 2K lighting-less UV texture maps for 3D models from text or image inputs.

3D printing network Jellypipe introduced a new AI assistant that provides advice on optimal materials selection and pricing quotes.

Google's Gemini Pro and OpenAI's GPT-4V have comparable visual capabilities overall, with GPT-4V slightly ahead on IQ and reasoning and Gemini better at retrieving relevant images, according to new research.

Roku announced the launch of new high-end 4K Roku Pro Series TVs later this year, featuring AI-powered features that automatically optimize picture settings based on content.



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