Microsoft's top secret AI chip

PLUS: ChatGPT for your health

In today's rundown:

  • Microsoft's secret AI chip: A new way to train LLM's

  • ChatGPT for your health: Introducing HealthGPT

  • AI-generated song gets shut down: RIP 'Heart on My Sleeve'

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Microsoft's Secret AI Chip

As first revealed by The Information, Microsoft has been secretly developing an artificial intelligence chip code-named 'Athena' since 2019, involving a 300-strong team.

The chip, designed for training large-language models like ChatGPT, could help lower Microsoft's AI application costs and improve negotiation power with Nvidia.

A select group of Microsoft and OpenAI employees is currently testing Athena. While it's expected to be available for internal use and OpenAI by next year, its accessibility to Azure customers is still uncertain.

The bottom line: Microsoft is going all in on AI. Athena has the potential to be a game changer for the company, not only reducing costs but keeping them among top competitors in the AI space.

Connecting ChatGPT to Health Data

A Stanford student named Varun Shenoy connected ChatGPT to his iPhone to enable conversations with his digital health history and made the entire code public.

The application, dubbed 'HealthGPT,' allows users to engage in conversations with their health data. For example, during a test, Varun checked his weekly gym goals, and the app effectively displayed workout frequency, duration, and averages.

Although still in its early stages, HealthGPT gives us a glimpse into the future. Everyone may soon possess their own personal health assistant, powered by AI, capable of understanding individual bodies, providing tailored advice, and answering fitness-related questions.

AI-generated Song Gets Shutdown

In Monday's newsletter, we covered "Heart on My Sleeve," a viral AI-generated song that featured synthesized vocals of Drake and The Weeknd.

The track amassed 600,000 Spotify streams, 15 million TikTok views, and 275,000 YouTube views in just a couple of days before Universal Music Group pulled it for containing "infringing content created with generative AI."

While the song may have been a hit, the confusion it caused raises essential questions about the legal and ethical responsibilities surrounding the use of AI to access and reproduce songs without consent.

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