Stability AI CEO urged to resign...

PLUS: Google DeepMind creates ChatGPT for chemistry

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A new report details drama and potential sales chatter at Stability AI — including a letter from its top investor calling for the CEO to be replaced.

Is there… instability at the open-source AI leader? Let’s dive deeper…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Stability AI explores sale amid executive turmoil

  • DeepMind AI multiplies materials knowledge

  • 10 new AI tools to try

  • How to optimize your calendar with ChatGPT

  • Together AI nabs $102M to fuel open AI

  • Perplexity debuts real-time LLM API

  • HeyGen reveals new funding, avatar upgrades

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Image source: Stability AI

The Rundown: Stability AI, one of the world’s leading open-source AI companies, is reportedly exploring a sale following a letter from investors urging the CEO to resign over financial instability and management issues.

The details:

  • Coatue, Stability AI’s biggest investor, called for CEO Emad Mostaque to step down a year after leading Stability AI's $101M funding round.

  • According to Bloomberg, Stability has held acquisition talks with Cohere and Jasper but claims it is not actively trying to sell.

  • The news comes amid cultural issues that spurred executive departures as the company rapidly expanded staff for new releases.

Our thoughts: Despite the name, Stability AI seems a bit… Unstable? While it hasn’t seemed to impact shipping new models (see yesterday’s news), a sale and the potential drama could have major implications for the open-source champion of the AI space.


The Rundown:  The pace of AI is relentless, even for the most informed individuals. Opportunities for transformative solutions that can revolutionize business are emerging at an unprecedented speed.

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Image source: Nature

The Rundown: A new tool by Google DeepMind called ‘GNoME’ just generated recipes for 2.2 million potentially stable new inorganic compounds — a 10x explosion of the known materials catalog.

The details:

  • The graph-based AI tweaked combinations of existing compounds from large materials databases to make predictions.

  • Using 48,000 compounds from the Materials Project, GNoME generated 2.2M potential structures (80% success rate).

  • 381,000 of the materials are expected to be synthesizable — with DeepMind making the code public for widespread testing.

  • New materials include battery and solar cell components missed by prior algorithms.

The relevance: Between this materials breakthrough, the weather accuracy algorithm, to AlphaFold’s drug discovery, Google DeepMind continues to push science forward with the immense data-crunching power of AI.


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Feeling overwhelmed looking at your calendar? Tons of meetings piling up?

Try this great trick below from @Jodie_Cook to have ChatGPT analyze your schedule and help focus on high-impact work:

Step 1: Upload your calendar. Screenshot your calendar for the upcoming week, and use ChatGPT Vision to upload the image.

Step 2: Ask for specific recommendations. Have ChatGPT analyze your calendar using the prompt below:

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Step 3: Implement the changes. ChatGPT will suggest optimizing and consolidating your calendar to create focus. The tips are shockingly good!

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Cloud platform startup Together AI, which helps companies efficiently run open-source models on pricey GPUs, just announced a hefty $102.5M raise. The funding positions the company as a potential leader in backing accessible alternatives to (ironically) closed giants like OpenAI.

AI startup Perplexity just launched the first-ever online LLM API available to the public, featuring constantly updated models that use knowledge from the internet. Pulling live data, the pplx-7b-online and pplx-70b-online bots target helpfulness and accuracy over pure scale.

AI video startup HeyGen can reportedly now generate avatars from smartphone clips in just 5 minutes, thanks to new breakthroughs in the company’s model architecture. The increased capabilities come alongside a fresh $5.6M raise announced Wednesday, valuing the firm at a cool $75M.

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