GPT-4's potential to revolutionize radiology

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A new study found that GPT-4 delivers human-level performance in radiology tasks like analyzing scans, summarizing records, and classifying diseases.

It’s becoming more clear every day that the future of medicine will be AI-driven. Let’s break it down…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • GPT-4's potential to revolutionize radiology

  • Pika raises $55M, launches new AI video upgrades

  • 10 new AI tools to try

  • How to remember everything using Rewind AI

  • Amazon launches enterprise AI assistant ‘Q’

  • Intuit brings AI to TurboTax

  • Stability debuts real-time image generation

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Image source: DALLE-3

The Rundown: A new study from Microsoft found that GPT-4 demonstrates strong performance on radiology tasks like summarization and disease classification, achieving new state-of-the-art results.

The details:

  • GPT-4 summaries were comparable or preferred to those from experienced human radiologists in the study.

  • The model excelled in automatically structuring complex reports into standardized formats.

  • Researchers highlighted that integrating GPT could aid disease interpretation, real-world data usage, and patient education.

The relevance: For those who have been following the near-daily AI medical breakthroughs, GPT-4's radiology talents should come as no surprise. This study is another example of how the tech can improve both diagnosis and workflows across the field.


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Image source: Pika

The Rundown: AI video startup Pika Labs just announced a $55M raise, coinciding with the launch of Pika 1.0, which features extensive (and pretty wild) new upgrades to the company’s text-to-video generator.

The details:

  • Calling it an ‘idea-to-video’ platform, users can prompt using text, image, or existing video to create AI-generated videos.

  • The platform lets users edit the AI-generated footage, such as changing an outfit, altering the style of the output, and even expanding the video canvas/aspect ratio.

  • The new capabilities are available on both the web and Discord to users, with the rollout beginning Monday.

  • The $55M in new funding comes amid fierce competition from tools like Runway and Stability AI.

Why it matters: How long until we have text-to-movie capabilities? This new upgrade is a perfect example of how quickly AI video is improving — and it’s exciting (and scary) to think where the quality will be a year from now.

Check out the impressive demo video here.


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Amazon just announced Q, a new privacy-focused AI chatbot to help corporate users with tasks like summarizing reports or answering policy questions. Charging $20 per user/month, Amazon hopes secure data handling will attract clients who are weary of consumer chatbots handling sensitive company info.

Intuit just announced that TurboTax is being infused with the latest generative AI to match users with experts and translate offerings. The new updates aim to customize tax prep for all filers — and take some of the pain out of the rough filing process.

Stability AI just released SDXL Turbo — a new model for real-time text-to-image generation. The model creates images in a single step while maintaining quality, with the output updating at lightning speed as users type a prompt.

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