Google to replace 30,000 humans with AI

PLUS: Samsung's Galaxy S42 AI leak

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

2023 was a WILD one for artificial intelligence.

What’s even wilder? Trying to imagine what 2024 will hold. Happy New Year, and let’s dive into our first edition of the year…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Google to cut 30,000 jobs amid AI focus

  • Galaxy S24's AI features leaked on display

  • How to get Microsoft Copilot on your phone

  • Research: AI translates thoughts to text from brainwaves

  • 9 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: The Information

The Rundown: Google is reportedly exploring widespread layoffs of up to 30,000 employees, as it looks to integrate AI tools and processes company-wide for efficiency gains.

The details:

  • Google announced a coming restructuring of its ad sales department in mid-December.

  • The rumored layoffs would build on top of 12,000 job cuts this year, which CEO Sundar Pichai cited as necessary to adapt and increase investment capacity in emerging areas.

  • The broader adoption of AI aims to transform ad sales operations and customer service positions, with automation reducing need for human roles.

Why it matters: While pushing AI innovations externally, Google is also aggressively applying the technology internally with huge workforce implications. AI is undoubtedly set to reshape the work landscape, and this is, unfortunately, just the start of the major restructuring we’re about to see in 2024.


The Rundown: Something is coming on January 9th that will fundamentally change the way humans and machines interact: it’s called the rabbit r1:

  • Experience a life where technology adapts to you, not the other way around

  • Discover a seamless digital existence like never before. No more app overload, just intuitive, organic interaction

The r1 is not just a device; it's a glimpse into the future.


Image source: Samsung

The Rundown: Leaked promotional material has revealed some AI-enhanced capabilities expected to arrive with Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S24 phones, with features spanning photography, productivity, audio transcription, and more.

The details:

  • Features include a "Nightography zoom" that applies specialized image processing to low-light photos, enabling clearer shots even when zooming in from a distance.

  • New AI editing capabilities to remove unwanted objects from photos or fill in areas with a tap, similar to Magic Eraser on Pixel phones.

  • The device will allow live translation, along with the ability to transcribe speech from up to 10 separate voices talking simultaneously.

  • The most advanced AI features may remain exclusive to the costlier S24 Plus and S24 Ultra models rather than the base S24.

Why it matters: With all eyes set on Apple and what they are planning with their recent breakthroughs, Samsung is also making waves. As AI becomes the norm across updated mobile models, capabilities are set to skyrocket.


The Rundown: Microsoft recently introduced new Android, iOS, and iPadOS apps for Copilot, allowing users to access the powerful (and free) AI tool on the go.

How to access:

Features to take advantage of:

  • DALL-E 3: Leverage advanced image generation by asking Copilot to create images

  • Voice Chat: Tap the mic in-app to access Copilot’s audio capabilities

  • Vision: Take or upload photos to enhance prompts or ask questions


Image source: University of Technology Sydney

The Rundown: Researchers just developed a first-of-its-kind AI system called DeWave that can turn silent thoughts into text by decoding brain signals without the need for invasive implants.

The details:

  • Test subjects wore an EEG cap that recorded brain waves, which were then fed into DeWave's natural language processing AI.

  • The system achieved over 40% accuracy in translating verbs directly from neural signals.

  • Unlike other brain-computer interfaces, DeWave does not require expensive MRI machines or implants.

Why it matters: The amount of progress made with AI-powered brain devices this year is staggering, with seemingly limitless potential for improving communication with incapacitated patients — and a much stronger understanding of how the brain operates.


  • AI-powered chatbot for e-commerce (link)

  • Room Reinvented- Room interior transformation with AI (link)

  • Impakt- Maximize your fitness efficiency with AI coaching (link)

  • Laterbase- Save, search, and chat with bookmarks (link)

  • UserWise- Make data-driven decisions with AI feedback (link)

  • Doclime- Get answers from your documents (link)

  • Inbox Zero- Clean up your Inbox in minutes (link)

  • Suno AI- Make any song you can imagine (link)

  • C3 AI- Industry Solution Leader (link)

  • Anthropic- Android Engineer (link)

  • Synthesia- Data QA Analyst (link)

  • Hugging Face- Research Engineer - Internship (link)


OpenAI recently surpassed $1.6B in annualized revenue, on the back of strong ChatGPT growth — with the figure up from $1.3B in October despite the internal company drama.

Flowpilot allows for open-source driver assistance by running on Linux, Windows and Android devices, enabling budget self-driving capabilities compared to expensive systems.

a16z partner Olivia Moore posted a list of AI agents to watch for 2024, along with a market map of the emerging subset expected to surge as tech improves.

Nikon, Sony, and Canon are fighting back against AI-generated fake images by developing new authentication technologies that embed tamper-resistant digital signatures with metadata.

Bill Gates discussed AI’s impact on the global food supply, believing the tech will enable more productive crop growth and better resistance to climate change.

A ‘NYTWritingStyleGuide’ dataset has been uploaded to HuggingFace, allowing users to train models on 35,000+ tokens in the style of the New York Times in the wake of its pending lawsuit against OpenAI.

Duolingo reportedly off-boarded a large amount of contractors from its translation service in December, with plans to replace them with AI.



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