Apple develops mobile AI breakthrough!

PLUS: ChatGPT competitor eyes $750M

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Is Apple about to bring AI to the iPhone? New research papers from the tech giant certainly point in that direction.

Hey Siri — get ready for a MAJOR upgrade. Let’s get into it.

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Apple researchers explore AI iPhone integrations

  • ChatGPT competitor eyes $750M

  • 9 new AI tools to try

  • How to unlock the power of AI in Google Docs

  • Runway launches text-to-speech + flexible video ratios

  • New ChatGPT feature

  • Google’s new video generation LLM

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Newly published Apple research demonstrates transformative techniques to run advanced AI on iPhones, from assistants to 3D avatars — potentially ushering powerful new capabilities on mobile devices.

The details:

  • The first paper focuses on efficiently generating animated human avatars from iPhone videos, with photorealism and speed greatly improved over existing methods.

  • Another paper details streamlining bulky LLMs using flash storage optimization — enabling complex applications like chatbots to run on mobile devices.

  • Despite being reluctant to publicly lean into the AI buzz, Apple recently ramped up AI hiring, and reportedly has big plans for integrating the tech into its wearables for health tracking.

Our thoughts: While Apple has seemingly lagged behind in the AI race, innovative research like this shows the tech giant is quietly preparing to make waves. If (or when) Apple integrates advanced AI tech into the iPhone — it could be another 0 to 1 moment for adoption and demand.


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Image source: Anthropic

The Rundown: AI startup Anthropic is reportedly in talks to raise an additional $750M in a funding round led by Menlo Ventures, positioning itself as a formidable competitor in the AI industry.

The details:

  • The new funding round could propel Anthropic's pre-funding valuation to an impressive $18.4B.

  • Co-founded by former OpenAI executives Dario and Daniela Amodei, Anthropic is striving to challenge OpenAI’s dominance in the AI sector.

  • Their AI model, Claude, is positioned as a direct competitor to OpenAI's GPT series.

  • Significant investments are already in place from tech giants, with Google and Amazon already committing up to $2B and $4B each.

Our thoughts: Anthropic's aggressive funding efforts and high-profile backing highlight the intensifying race in AI development. With a valuation soaring to billions and support from industry heavyweights, Anthropic could soon become a key player, challenging established names like OpenAI.


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🎞️ HeyGen’s Personalized Video Generator- Mass-produce tailored videos for your audience (link)

🎨 Magic Hour- An AI-driven app for creating videos, inspired by a forbidden passion for art (link)

🧬 Helix- Custom-build AI using open-source software and personal datasets (link)

🍔 Rex Nutribot- AI-powered tracking for calories, workouts, and meals via WhatsApp (link)

🎨 Drawww- iPad-optimized real-time AI drawing tool (link)

📸 Picmojo- Upgrade your everyday images into professional headshots (link)

⚙️ Bardeen- A no-code automation tool to enhance workflow productivity (link)

📧 Superhuman- The fastest email experience ever made, with AI-powered features (link)

🎙️ Wondercraft AI- Turn existing content, such as blog posts, into full podcasts (link)

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Google Docs has quietly integrated an incredibly powerful AI writing assistant — and most people don’t even realize it. Learn how to supercharge your Docs experience with the tips below:

First off, here’s how to access AI features in Google Docs:

  • If you joined the Docs public beta, you likely already have access.

  • If you have an eligible Google Workspace plan, you have access at no additional cost.

Generate Content: Click the magic wand icon in Docs. Describe what you want to write in a few words, then hit "Create" and Docs will generate custom text for you.

You can insert the AI-generated text right away or have it further refined by selecting options like changing tone, summarizing, and elaborating with examples.

Edit Existing Text: Highlight any text. Click the magic wand icon, and choose refine options like "elaborate" or "shorten" — the AI will automatically edit your original text.

Being able to generate and refine content in Docs is a complete game-changer. Let AI do the heavy lifting on writing so you can focus on the big ideas!


Runway just introduced two new features for its Gen-2 model — Text-to-speech for generating voiceovers and adjustable video ratios (16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 3:4) to cater to different platforms. These updates enhance creativity and control in content creation, with more updates coming soon.

Say goodbye to sidebar clutter when using ChatGPT. OpenAI just rolled out an archiving option to better organize your previous chats without deleting them — with old conversations now viewable in the Settings tab. The new feature is now live on Web and iOS, with Android coming soon.

Google just launched VideoPoet — a game-changing language model adept at creating videos from text, images, and more. It handles tasks like text-to-video, stylization, and even video-to-audio. Get ready for more dynamic, coherent large motions in your videos.

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