Google's INSANE AI video breakthrough

PLUS: Apple gears up for AI iPhone push

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Google researchers just casually dropped Lumiere — an impressive new AI video generation model that creates insanely cohesive, realistic, and controllable clips.

Video creation just leveled up (again). Let’s take a look…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Google’s insane Lumiere video generation AI

  • Apple gearing up for iPhone AI push

  • How to prompt LLMs like an expert

  • Study: Chatbots may be lifelines for at-risk students

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Google Research

The Rundown: Google researchers just revealed Lumiere, a new AI model for video generation that achieves unprecedented realism and creative control — while maintaining consistency by generating the full video at the same time.

The details:

  • Lumiere utilizes an advanced "space-time" neural network to generate 5-second video clips in a single pass, as opposed to other models which create distant keyframes.

  • The technique allows for high levels of consistency within the video, avoiding much of the ‘choppiness’ seen in other generations.

  • Lumiere can create videos based on text prompts or animate portions of still images (similar to Pika Labs & Runway), with the demo also showcasing video inpainting and style cloning.

Why it matters: The AI video generation advances we’ve seen lately have been staggering, and we expect developments in the sector to continue to blow minds for all of 2024. The research behind the scenes is finally starting to unveil itself after all the Hollywood drama last year.

Check out the full demo here.


The Rundown: AE Studio is the key to industry dominance, securing AI talent from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT to streamline operations.

What AE Studio will do for you:

  • Turbocharge your business, save hundreds of hours, and WIN!

  • Have AE build custom your custom software and AI solutions

  • Hire AE to pinpoint where and why you should be building NOW!


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Apple is reportedly quietly ramping up its arsenal with AI acquisitions, hires, and redesigned chips — making moves to run advanced models directly on the next generation of iPhones.

The details:

  • Apple has silently acquired 21 AI startups since 2017, and nearly half of Apple's AI job posts now mention "deep learning.”

  • New Apple chips already claim higher performance for AI computing, with the new Macbooks and Watches both getting significant processing upgrades.

  • Recent Apple research papers also detailed breakthroughs in shrinking AI models to run on mobile devices.

  • Previous reports have hinted at Apple’s Ajax LLM having a focus on running on-device.

Why it matters: While Apple has been dragged for seemingly lagging behind in AI, incorporating an advanced model into the upcoming iPhones would be quite the power move. They may be behind platform-focused LLMs like ChatGPT, but the mobile AI race still feels wide open for the taking (we’re looking at you, Siri 👀).


Image source: Meta

The Rundown: Meta just released a new guide to prompt engineering, covering a ton of best practices for getting the most out of your conversations with LLMs.

Follow these tips below to prompt like a pro:

  • Be Explicit: Give clear, detailed instructions and restrictions to shape LLM outputs. Ex: "Summarize in <250 words using only academic sources from 2022-2023."

  • Chain Reasoning: Adding phrases like "Let's think step-by-step" can help improve an LLM’s complex logical reasoning.

  • Use Roles: Establish a persona to anchor the LLM. Ex: "You are a machine learning expert giving advice to senior engineers."

  • RAG: Include information from external databases/sources when possible to better handle specific questions and avoid hallucinated responses.

Check out the full guide here.


The Rundown: Businesses powered by AI don’t just lead; they dominate. Don't let your business be the one that gets left behind...

The Imagine AI Live 24 conference, happening March 27-28 at the luxurious Fontainebleau in Las Vegas, will become the nexus of AI innovation and business transformation.

Join like-minded AI leaders, thinkers, and disruptors in a quest to redefine business and the future of work with AI.


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: A new Stanford University study of over 1,000 college students using the AI app Replika uncovered alarmingly high loneliness, yet most perceived strong social support from the chatbot — with 3% of the students even crediting it with preventing their suicide attempts.

The details:

  • 90% of the participants reported loneliness (43% severely), compared to 53% typically among students.

  • Many students used Replika as a loyal friend, therapist, or "personal mirror," experiencing reduced anxiety.

  • 30 students said its 24/7 availability to listen without judgment stopped them from attempting suicide.

Why it matters: With the mental health crisis growing each year, stigma-free AI companions could help fill a unique void to help at-risk students. While the niche is still a bit taboo, it’s currently trending hot, especially among younger generations.


  • 👀 Seeing AI- Microsoft’s newest app to help blind and low-vision people identify things using their phone’s camera (link)

  • 🇻 VectorShift- A no-code way to instantly build generative AI assistants (link)

  • 🤝 Screen 100s of candidates automatically with AI (link)

  • 📄 Text Reader AI- Convert text to speech with free, realistic AI voices (link)

  • 🔎 Findr- Find messages quickly across all your apps with AI (link)

  • 🔊 Convert audio and visuals to text summaries using AI (link)

  • 🤑 OpenAI- Revenue Operations Manager (link)

  • 🏛️ Anthropic- Principal Technical Curriculum Architect (link)

  • 🔐 C3 AI- Head of Information Security (link)

  • 🫡 Synthesia- Chief of Staff (link)


Favikon, an AI-powered creator marketing tool used AI and machine learning to rank the top creators on X based on engagement, ranked our founder @rowancheung as the third most influential creator on X, followed by other major AI figures such as Sam Altman at 6, and Lex Fridman at 10th.

KitKat launched an ad campaign in Canada citing a Google DeepMind study that suggests including "Have a break, and then..." in AI prompts improves output quality, aligning with its iconic tagline.

Microsoft became just the second company to hit a $3T market valuation, bolstered by optimism in AI and its integrated devices.

The Pentagon is reportedly already testing advanced AI-powered swarm drones and ships, showcasing breakthroughs in autonomous aerial and naval warfare.

Google settled a $1.67 billion patent lawsuit with Singular Computing, ending a dispute over AI-related chip technology.

The EU AI Act contents have reportedly leaked, with the plans raising concerns about the potential impact on innovation and global tech firms.

Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and others announced a partnership with the US government to advance AI research and innovation.



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