ChatGPT Creator Warns of AI Dangers

PLUS: Will AI replace human programmers?

In today's rundown:

  • ChatGPT creator warns of AI dangers: Regulation will be critical for AI

  • Roblox is bringing AI into its gaming universe: Key features

  • New Bing takes a time out: Microsoft's new limitations

  • 46% of all code written by AI: Will AI replace humans?

  • Today's Giveaway: 200+ ChatGPT UX Prompts

 ChatGPT Creator Warns of AI Dangers

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has warned that the world is not far from "potentially scary" AI, and that regulation will be crucial. The CEO's comments come after Microsoft's AI-powered Bing search engine recently gave shocking responses to queries.

In a recent tweet storm by the ChatGPT creator:

  1. Society needs time to adapt to "something so big" as AI.

  2. "Although current-generation AI tools aren't very scary, I think we are potentially not that far away from potentially scary ones"

Altman has been talking about the need to regulate AI since 2015, alongside Elon Musk and other OpenAI co-founders.

Roblox is Bringing AI into its Gaming Universe

Roblox, a popular gaming platform, is integrating generative AI into its tools to make game development easier for its users, enabling every user on Roblox to become a creator.

The CTO of Roblox, Daniel Sturman announced two key features:

  • A tool to make 3D items from a text prompt

  • A tool for generative AI to complete code

These new AI tools will enhance current Roblox creators and make it easier for the 60 million users to build their own creations.

Though we haven't seen these tools in action yet, it's exciting to catch a glimpse of what the future holds for generative AI and game creation. 

Watch the full preview of the demo here.

New Bing Takes a Time Out  

Microsoft is giving the New Bing a time out by limiting its features.

These rollbacks come after countless reports of Bing chat going out of control.

Bing's new limitations:

  • A maximum of 5 questions or statements in a row

  • Cap of 50 questions per day

Microsoft's data states that only 1% of conversations exceeded 50 messages, so most users won't be affected.

They also noted that these limitations may not be permanent, and they might increase the cap in the future based on user feedback.

 46% of All Code Written by AI:

Github Copilot released their numbers in a recent blog post stating that 46% of code is being written using GitHub Copilot across all programming languages.

The post also reported that:

  • 90% of developers using GitHub Copilot report completing tasks faster

  • 75% of developers who use GitHub Copilot feel more fulfilled

This increased productivity can be a significant enhancement for programmers, but will AI ever become more efficient than a human?

Will AI enhance programmers or take over?

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 Trending projects

  • Talk-to-ChatGPT- Talk to ChatGPT with your microphone (link)

  • GPT Twitter Bot- Create your Twitter bio with AI from your tweet history (link)

  • Writers Brew- AI writing assistant app that works across all browsers (link)

  • Background Remover- Remove backgrounds in pictures with AI (link)

  • Background AI- Create AI wallpapers in seconds (link)

  • Gling- Enhance YouTube editing with AI (link)

  • AI Avatar Generator- Create perfect professional headshots (link)

  • Flowrite- Write your daily emails faster with AI (link)

  • Langotalk- Learn languages faster with AI (link)

  • Leonardo AI- New Text to 3D Model Texture feature (link)

  • ShipSense- An AI model that detects ships from space (link)

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The "OpenAI Mafia" and what it means for the future of AI:

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