🚨Bing chat is out of control

PLUS: New study finds AI has mind-reading capabilites

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  • 🚨 Bing chat is out of control: Unexpected results shared by users

  • 🥷 Deepfakes are getting scary good: Alpha Grind exposed

  • 🧠 AI matches 9-year-olds in mind reading: Shocking new study

  • 🅾️ Opera joins the AI party: New "Shorten" function revealed

  • 🥳 Exclusive giveaway: Our database of 200 AI business ideas

🚨 Bing Chat is Out of Control

Last week, Microsoft introduced the New Bing, which is the first search engine to integrate ChatGPT. Waitlisted users have been gradually gaining access and sharing examples of Bing Chat's output. However, some of the shared examples suggest that Bing Chat is out of control, and here are a few of the most bizarre results:

  1. Breaking Bing Chat's brain

  2. Bing Chat's secret name

  3. Does Bing have feelings?

  4. Bing gets mad and threatens to end the conversation 👇

🥷 Deepfakes Are Getting Scary Good

This AI-powered TikTok ad made by Alpha Grind has been making waves on the internet. It just got exposed for faking the endorsement of Dr. Andrew Huberman and Joe Rogan, posing a significant warning about deepfakes that could become more frequent. The ad used deepfake technology to create a fake recommendation for their supplement.

  • This raises the question: what else on social media is inauthentic? 

  • Public figures like Barack Obama, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Elon Musk have also been deepfaked.

While we wait for new monitoring software tools to identify false ads, it's essential to stay alert since what appears on social media could be deepfaked.

🧠 AI Matches 9-Year-Olds in Mind Reading

A recent study has found that large language model AI systems (LLMs) can now demonstrate the ability to perform theory of mind tasks (the ability to understand what others think and believe). According to this study, LLMs were able to perform these tasks with the same level of proficiency as a 9-year-old child. Theory of mind was once thought to be a uniquely human attribute, as well as seen in a few animals.

This is a significant finding in the development of AI's ability to understand and interact with human emotions and beliefs.

However, I can't help but feel a little worried about this.

🅾️ Opera Joins the AI Party

Opera is joining the AI party and following Bing's lead towards integrating AI-generated content services into their browser's sidebar.

  • The first of these features is a "Shorten" button in the address bar that generates summaries of web pages or articles.

  • Opera aims to make the internet more accessible through AI, including a new AI solution that filters through content and summarizes it in a relevant way.

Watch a demo video of Opera's "Shorten" feature here.

🧙‍♂️ Leonardo.Ai

Leonardo is a platform for generating art assets using AI. It offers the ability to use existing models, train your own AI models, and discover unlimited creative potential with ease.

They just released "Leonardo Canvas" which uses AI to extend images, make focused edits, add new elements and more. A must-watch for those interested in the future of visual content creation 🔥

Sign-up for early access: Leonardo.ai

🔥 Trending projects

  • CustomGPT- Build your own Chatbot with your data (link)

  • ExtractGPT- Browser extension for scraping data from pages (link)

  • People AI- Boost your personal brand with your very own digital twin (link)

  • Cognify- Use AI to transform your photos into stunning designs (link)

  • ArxivGPT- Summarize an arXiv paper and provide key insights (link)

  • Mendable- Chat powered search for developers trained in your docs (link)

  • Versy- Transform your text into virtual experience (link)

  • Dumme- AI powered long form content into short form (link)

💰 Side hustle of the day

AI is on track to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. Here is today's idea to take advantage of the opportunity right now:

Idea: Real estate agent chatbot

Problem: Potential buyers/sellers often have many questions about real estate listings, but may not be able to easily access a knowledgeable agent.

Solution: Develop a GPT model specifically trained on local real estate listings to act as a chatbot for buyers/sellers to answer their questions.

Example: A potential homebuyer can message the chatbot to ask about a specific listing's price, location, square footage, and any other important details. The chatbot can use its training to provide accurate and helpful responses.


  1. Gather data on local real estate listings, including prices, locations, and key features.

  2. Fine-tune a GPT-3 model on this data to allow it to answer questions about specific listings.

  3. Implement the chatbot on a website or messaging platform for potential buyers/sellers to use.

  4. Continuously update the model with new listings and data to ensure accuracy.

🐦 Tweet of the day

ChatGPT Default vs. ChatGPT Premium:

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As always, thanks for reading, and see you next time. 🫡

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