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PLUS: The mysterious gpt2-chatbot returns

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Apple just revealed its new line of iPads and a powerful new M4 chip — and unlike previous events, AI was fully in the spotlight.

But while the M4 packs a serious punch, the new AI features… Underwhelmed. Is Apple holding back for WWDC, or has the AI hype outpaced the big reveal? Let's explore...

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Apple unveils iPad AI upgrades

  • Mysterious gpt2-chatbot returns

  • Chat with YouTube videos using Gemini

  • OpenAI postpones new product reveal

  • 5 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Apple

The Rundown: Apple just revealed its new line of iPads at a company event in Cupertino, CA — featuring a custom M4 chip that enables advanced AI capabilities and a slew of new AI-powered features.

The details:

  • The bigger iPad Pro now features the M4 chip with an upgraded Neural Engine, which CEO Tim Cook calls “an outrageously powerful chip for AI”.

  • The M4 is capable of handling 38T operations per second, 4x the performance of previous models, allowing for the running of advanced AI.

  • New AI features on the Pro include a True Tone Flash for document scanning and new video, image, and music editing tools.

  • Prior to the event, a new report revealed that Apple is developing its own AI chips for data centers under the code name "Project ACDC".

Why it matters: Apple just served up an appetizer ahead of its June WWDC event, and the focus was clearly on AI. While the M4 chip enables major on-device AI capabilities, the features seem a bit… Underwhelming? Let’s hope WWDC has more to offer — or that third-party integrations unlock more AI potential from the powerful processor.


The Rundown: Siemon LightVerse is a comprehensive fiber optic cabling system designed to help your data center or enterprise network shine. With flexibility, a futureproof design, and easy installation, LightVerse unlocks the full potential of high-density fiber connectivity.

LightVerse offers:

  • A wide range of enclosure sizes and modular components

  • Sleek, world-class appearance perfect for showcase environments

  • Performance, flexibility, and scalability for now and the future

Upgrade your infrastructure and get started with LightVerse today.


Image source: Lmsys

The Rundown: The mysterious gpt2-chatbot has returned to the Chatbot Arena with LLM capabilities that seem to exceed top models, now dubbed as ‘im-a-good-gpt2-chatbot’ and ‘im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot’.

The details:

  • Last week, a powerful AI model called 'gpt-2 chatbot' appeared mysteriously with no official documentation or attribution.

  • Yesterday, two new models appeared that seem to be similar versions: ‘im-a-good-gpt2-chatbot’ and ‘im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot’.

  • The only way to access the models is through the Chatbot Arena battle mode, which randomly pits models against each other to test outputs.

  • Users who received rate limit errors reported seeing OpenAI messaging.

  • Sam Altman also tweeted ‘im-a-good-gpt2-chatbot’ over the weekend before the public caught on, seemingly confirming the ties.

Why it matters: While Altman previously said the gpt2-chatbot was not GPT 4.5, there’s more smoke than ever that this is an OpenAI model in disguise. Maybe the next iteration won’t be called 4.5 (meaning Sam isn’t technically lying) — but something big is brewing with this highly capable mystery model.


The Rundown: Google Gemini’s new “Extensions” feature allows users to access external tools such as YouTube to chat with videos and get answers for free.


  1. Visit Google’s Gemini website. If Gemini is not available in your country, you’ll need to use a US-based VPN.

  2. Click on the gear icon located on the bottom-left, select Extensions, and turn on the YouTube one.

  3. Go back to the Chat interface and start your prompt using the following format: “@youtube Summarize the following video [Youtube URL]”

Pro tip: Try asking Gemini to explain advanced concepts discussed in a video, generating concrete examples, creating practice questions, and even asking for code snippets.


The Rundown: Nomuscapital provides a suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of professional investors — offering streamlined, transparent, and tailored access to alternative investments.

With Nomuscapital, you’ll unlock:

  • Decades of expertise in capital markets and alternative investments

  • A client-centric approach with flexible and efficient solutions

  • Curated investment products for a range of investor types and sizes

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The Rundown: OpenAI is delaying a planned showcase at its headquarters to Monday next week, when the company is expected to reveal a new search-related AI product to rival Google and Perplexity.

The details:

  • OpenAI had scheduled a Thursday (tomorrow) event to share product updates and demos but has reportedly moved it to Monday.

  • While the exact focus of the event is undisclosed, recent reports suggest OpenAI is developing a search offering to rival Google and Perplexity.

  • The report also noted the ‘stiffer competition’ from close partner Microsoft, which is also reportedly training its own large in-house AI model called MAI-1.

  • OpenAI has been active in the media of late, with Brad Lightcap saying current tech will be ‘laughably bad’ within a year and Sam Altman calling GPT-4 ‘mildly embarrassing'.

Why it matters: While the world waits for OpenAI’s next big reveal, it appears Sama and co. may keep us waiting at least a bit longer. While speculation turns to Microsoft and Apple announcements causing the delay, the confident commentary doesn’t come off as a company too concerned with competition.


  • 🎨 Eraser AI - Technical design copilot that helps users edit documents and generate diagrams easily

  • 📊 Snaplet Seed - Cease manual data creation, get instant realistic data for your project

  • 🌐 Aria Browser AI - Opera's browser AI can now create images and read out text responses

  • ⌛ Meaning - Block distracting apps with an AI screen time coach

  • 🤖 Dante Unlimited AI Messages - No more hidden fees for AI chatbot creation


OpenAI introduced new tools to help researchers study content authenticity, enhancing provenance standards for images, audio, and video created with OpenAI products.

Artist Paul Trillo posted another music video created for the band Washed Out using OpenAI’s Sora, stitching together 15 shots into the minute-long video.

Fake AI images went viral on social media during the Met Gala, with generations of stars like Katy Perry and Rihanna tricking fans (and even Perry’s own mom).

Google announced Google Threat Intelligence, integrating the company’s Gemini AI model with its cybersecurity arm Mandiant to enhance security offerings for organizations.

Dotdash Meredith announced a new partnership with OpenAI, integrating lifestyle content from media brands like PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, and more into ChatGPT.

Holistic AI secured $200M in funding to develop multi-agent AI models with a focus on memory, planning, and decision-making, led by a team of former Google DeepMind scientists.



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