Apple reveals an AI-powered health coach

PLUS: ChatGPT gets programmed into a robot

In today's rundown:

  • Apple reveals plans for 'Quartz': An AI-powered health coach

  • Boston Dynamics puts ChatGPT in a robot: Personalized robo-dogs

  • Replit reveals replit-code-v1-3b: The next AI unicorn?

  • TikTok's new AI avatars: AI-generated profile pictures

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Apple is developing an AI-powered health coaching service called Quartz, aiming to motivate users to exercise, improve eating habits, and sleep better with personalized coaching programs based on Apple Watch data.

Though exact details are not yet provided, Quartz likely uses AI to analyze users' data collected from their Apple Watch, such as activity, sleep, and other health metrics. By processing this data, the AI system can provide tailored recommendations to help users improve exercise routines, eating habits, and sleep quality.

While Microsoft and Google frequently make headlines with their AI breakthroughs, Apple is quietly making strides in the AI scene, with moves like Quartz and the recent acquisition of an AI startup.

Question of the day: Will Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA, or Apple win the AI gold rush? Or will another company take the lead?

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Our good friend Santiago over at Boston Dynamics just released a demo video showcasing the integration of ChatGPT into their robot dog, Spot.

Equipped with ChatGPT and Google's speech function, Spot can now effortlessly communicate complex information to humans. For example, the robot dog can update tasks, battery levels, and location and respond to voice commands.

While serious concerns exist about the potential misuse of such technology against AI, the benefits of advanced communication continue to look promising if ethics and safety are considered.

Replit, an AI-assisted coding platform, just raised $97.4 million in a funding round, achieving a valuation of $1.16 billion, and announced huge features at their first Developer Day.

The platform has experienced rapid growth, with its user base doubling since December 2021 to 22.5 million developers. Among the announcements were production-grade deployments straight from the IDE, a more powerful workspace, and secure workspace extensions.

To top things off- Replit introduced their very own open-sourced LLaMa style LLM, 'replit-code-v1-3b,' trained on 2.7 billion parameters and performing 40% better than comparable models.

In the future, Replit may enable anyone with minimal or no technical expertise develop complex software programs with ease. The company is a sleeping AI unicorn in the making.

TikTok is experimenting with a new feature that allows users to create AI-generated avatars for their profile pictures. Initially spotted by Matt Navarra, the Lensa-like tool will generate stylized, illustrated images based on users' uploaded photos. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Can be used once per day

  • Upload 3-10 photos of yourself, and it will generate up to 30 avatars

  • TikTok deletes all uploaded images and AI-generated avatars after a short amount of time

  • You can pick up to 5 different styles

  • Only for select users, no set timeline for general public rollout

The excitement of AI is making its mark on every social media platform. Snapchat was the first to introduce AI to its 375 million daily users with "My AI," and now TikTok is following suit.

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