The AI wars have just begun...

PLUS: Stability AI reveals their ChatGPT rival

In today's rundown:

  • Elon Musk goes to war with Microsoft: The start if the AI wars

  • Stability AI reveals StableLM: A new open-sourced LLM

  • New NVIDIA research: Video Latent Diffusion Models

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Elon Musk Goes to War With Microsoft

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, just threatened to sue Microsoft by replying to this tweet, accusing Microsoft of illegally using Twitter's data to train its AI model. The threat follows reports of Microsoft dropping Twitter from its advertising platform.

Musk has recently been on a rampage in the world of AI. First, he signed an Open Letter to stop AI developments for six months more powerful than GPT-4; then we found out he started an AI company called X.AI, his plans for TruthGPT, and now this.

Recently, Reddit and Universal Music Group announced their intention to charge for data access, while Getty Images sued Stable Diffusion over alleged content copying for AI training. Musk's threats highlight the growing tension surrounding data ownership in the AI landscape. The battle for AI dominance has just begun.

Stability AI Reveals StableLM

The creators of Stable Diffusion, Stability AI, just released a suite of open-sourced large language models (LLMs) called StableLM.

Like ChatGPT, StableLM generates text and code and is trained on a larger version of the Pile dataset. StableLM models are currently available with 3 to 7 billion parameters, with larger models (15B and 65B) coming soon. Building on its collaboration with EleutherAI and its mission to make AI tools more accessible, Stability AI aims to foster creative integrations and applications.

NewNVIDIA Research

The NVIDIA research team just dropped a new research paper on creating high-quality short videos from text prompts. This technique uses Video Latent Diffusion Models (Video LDMs), which work efficiently without using too much computing power.

It can create 113 frame-long videos at 1280x2048 resolution, rendered at 24 FPS, resulting in 4.7-second clips. The team first trained the model on images, then added a time dimension to make it work with videos.

This new research is impressive. At the current pace of development, we may soon be able to generate full-length movies from just a handful of text prompts within the next few years.

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  • Saga AI- Digital AI assistant to draft content, brainstorm ideas, fix grammar, and translate to more than 20 languages effortlessly (link)

  • ChatGPT-2D- Combines AI-powered conversations with a 2D map (link)

  • The Drive- Store, read and write documents with AI (link)

  • Bloks- Put your notes, tasks, and meetings on autopilot (link)

  • Quickscope- Turns PDF pitch decks into 1-page reports (link)

  • AIphy- Transcribe, summarize, and search YouTube and Twitter spaces (link)

  • ProfileGPT- App analyzes a user's profile/personality seen by ChatGPT (link)

  • DiscordPal- Chat with an AI companion directly on discord (link)

  • Dondon- Harness the power of GPT for legal workflows (link)

  • FileGPT- Chat with YouTube videos, pdfs, docx, ppt, and audio files (link)

  • LinkedIn Generator- Extension to tailor emails from a LinkedIn page (link)

  • Gamma- Create amazing slide decks in minutes (link)

  • Twitter Algo Validator- See how tweets perform against the Twitter algo (link)

  • Unicorn Platform- A drag & drop website and blog builder (link)

  • AnySummary- Summarize any file with AI (link)

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