Top AI researchers earn $865k/year!

PLUS: Animate any image from your phone

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Move over professional athletes — the AI researcher might be the new highest-paying job on the block…

A recent report just detailed the shocking compensation that top AI researchers earn from companies like OpenAI, Tesla, Amazon, and Google. Let’s get into the numbers.

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Shocking AI Researcher salaries in 2023

  • How to animate images from your phone

  • ByteDance DreamTuner: Single image subject generation

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Rora

The Rundown: A recent report detailed the shocking compensation that top AI/ML researchers are earning, with top jobs pushing nearly $1 million per year from a mix of base salary, bonus, and equity.

Key points:

  • OpenAI topped the highest-paying company list, boasting $865k annually in salary, bonus, and equity.

  • Following OpenAI in order was Anthropic, Inflection, Tesla, Amazon, Google Brain (now merged with DeepMind), TikTok, and FAIR.

  • To top it off, signing and/or other cash bonuses can range from $0 to $700k over a four-year period and was not included in this report.

  • See the detailed report here.

The relevance: As the AI race for the leading LLM continues to escalate, so does the demand for AI researcher talent. With OpenAI also reportedly poaching Google workers with $10M packages, it’s undoubtedly a good time to be a top AI researcher.


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The Rundown: Remix AI’s loop feature allows anyone to make short animated videos from existing images directly from their phone (for free).


  1. Download Remix AI for free on iOS or Android.

  2. Click the ‘+' button, click ‘From image', and upload an image.

  3. Set the image weight to the highest, type a simple prompt (we used “man running“), and hit generate.

  4. Press “Loop“ and wait a few seconds for the animated image!


The Rundown: ByteDance researchers recently revealed DreamTuner, a new general method for subject-driven generation from a single image, creating shockingly consistent subject identity.

The details:

  • DreamTuner is a novel framework for subject-driven image generation based on both fine-tuning and image encoding.

  • The framework consists of three stages: subject encoder pre-training, subject-driven fine-tuning, and subject-driven inference.

  • DreamBooth from a single image already exists, but this new method produces far more accurate replications of the subject’s identity.

Why it matters: Generating consistent characters is currently one of the hardest challenges in AI image generation, and this new method now allows for highly consistent characters from as little as a single image — a remarkable achievement in AI research.


  • Momask- Generate text-to-motion 3D human animations (link)

  • Construct- Transform your words and ideas into functional apps (link)

  • UForm- A multimodal AI library for content understanding & generation (link)

  • FibonacciKu- AI learning assistant for teachers and students (link)

  • Julius AI Android- Your AI-powered data analyst (link)

  • Heydai- AI-powered daily planner & time tracker app (link)

  • Socra- Crush your goals with AI (link)

  • Aug X Labs- Product Marketing Manager (link)

  • OpenAI- Creator Community Specialist (link)

  • OctoML- Senior Sales Engineer (link)

  • Anthropic- iOS Engineer (link)


Greg Brockman, co-founder of OpenAI, predicts 2024 will be a breakthrough year in terms of AI capability, safety, and general positivity about its potential impact.

The Seoul City Government in South Korea announced that it will use drones and AI to monitor traffic conditions in real time starting in 2024.

Midjourney is reportedly starting training on video models this month, with plans on bringing 3D and video generation to the current text-to-image generation platform.

Nvidia is launching a slower version of its gaming chip in China to comply with U.S. export controls.

Microsoft’s Surface laptops will reportedly be its first true ‘AI PCs’ — featuring a next-gen neural processing unit (NPU) along with Intel and Arm-based options.

Tracking AI, a new tool that monitors bias in AI chatbots, concluded that every chatbot other than open-source Mistral scores politically left.

Michael CohenDonald Trump’s ex-personal lawyer, says he unintentionally sent his attorney fake AI-generated legal case citations before they were submitted to a judge.



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