World's first major AI Act

PLUS: Apple acquires an AI startup

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

The AI revolution just got its first major set of ground rules, courtesy of the EU’s landmark AI Act.

But while the sweeping new legislation aims to reign in the tech’s most dangerous use cases, not everyone is convinced its the right approach. Let’s investigate…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • EU approves sweeping AI rules

  • Apple continues AI push with startup acquisition

  • Convert your pictures into emojis with AI

  • AI processing speeds cancer tracking

  • 5 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: The European Parliament just passed the landmark Artificial Intelligence Act, establishing the world's most comprehensive set of regulations for AI tech.

The details:

  • Newly banned AI apps include biometric and facial recognition on sensitive characteristics, social scoring, and AI that manipulates behavior or exploits vulnerabilities.

  • High-risk AI, such as in infrastructure, education, and employment, will face strict obligations like risk assessment, transparency, and human oversight.

  • The law has drawn criticism from both sides — with companies worrying it stifles competitiveness and watchdogs arguing it doesn't go far enough.

  • The rules will take effect in stages, with some applying as early as six months after the law enters into enforcement.

Why it matters: The AI Act positions itself as the global standard for regulation, but will it disadvantage EU-based AI companies in the process? Despite the critiques, the act is a big first move — potentially influencing other countries’ AI approaches and altering the trajectory of the industry.


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Image source: Darwin

The Rundown: Apple has quietly acquired Canadian AI startup DarwinAI, as the tech giant gears up to make a big generative AI splash with its upcoming iOS 18 software update later this year.

The details:

  • Apple acquired DarwinAI earlier this year, bringing dozens of the startup's employees into its AI division.

  • DarwinAI develops tech for visual inspection in manufacturing, specializes in making AI systems smaller and faster.

  • The deal comes as CEO Tim Cook has promised the company will "break new ground" in AI, reportedly adding generative AI features to the upcoming iOS 18.

Why it matters: Apple continues to move slowly and quietly in the AI race, but the company’s AI acquisitions and constant research show something is brewing behind the scenes. With Apple’s WWDC event coming in June, Apple may be gearing up for some AI fireworks very soon.


Image source: FofrAI

The Rundown: In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn your pictures into emojis for free in seconds, adding a fun and personalized touch to your digital communications.

  1. Visit the “face-to-many” model in Replicate. It’s free.

  2. Select a good picture that you want to transform into an emoji.

  3. Click on “Style” and select “Emoji”.

  4. Make a simple prompt that closely matches your chosen picture and experiment with the different settings the model offers, such as prompt strength or seed.

  5. Select “Run” and check out your new emoji-fied selfie! 🎉


Image source: National Institutes of Health

The Rundown: Scientists just created a new AI tool called Path-BigBird that can sift through millions of cancer pathology reports, allowing for faster and more accurate tracking of cancer trends.

The details:

  • Path-BigBird was trained using data from 2.7M pathology reports collected by cancer registries.

  • The model outperforms traditional approaches in identifying key details, including the type of cancer and where it was found.

  • Path-BigBird has the potential to significantly reduce the current 2-year lag between cancer incidence and national reporting.

Why it matters: AI tools like Path-BigBird could revolutionize how scientists monitor and respond to cancer trends — helping identify high-risk communities earlier, as well as speed up targeted prevention and treatment.


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  • 🔍 Resume GPT- A new ChatGPT GPT to help enhance your resume


Anthropic released Claude 3 Haiku, its fastest and most affordable model version that surpasses GPT 3.5 and Gemini Pro on benchmarks.

Microsoft expanded its Copilot Pro subscription availability to 222 countries, offering a free one-month trial and access to its AI-powered assistant in Office web apps.

Amazon introduced new AI features that allow sellers to easily create high-quality product listings automatically from an external URL.

Morgan Stanley promoted Jeff McMillan to become the bank's first Head of Artificial Intelligence, overseeing the implementation of AI across the firm.

SoftBank is reportedly considering an investment in French AI startup Mistral AI, potentially valuing the company at over $2B.

Oracle added generative AI features across its corporate software offerings, including new finance, supply chain, and human resources tools to help businesses save time.

Adobe reported lackluster sales projections for the quarter, raising concerns about competition from AI-focused startups despite the company’s efforts to integrate its Firefly AI model into its products.



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