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Zoom is bringing a fresh wave of productivity enhancement with its brand-new AI Companion.

Your next meeting might be getting a major upgrade (or maybe just make it an email?). Lets dive in

In todays AI rundown:

  • Zoom debuts built-in AI assistant

  • AI hearing aids aim to give users superpowers

  • 儭 8 New AI tools

  • 潃儭 Craft stunning visuals with ChatGPTs Canva plugin

  • 4 Quick AI updates

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Image source: Zoom

The Rundown: Zoom just launched AI Companion, an AI assistant embedded across its platform to increase productivity at no extra cost for paid users.

Key points:

  • AI Companion will assist users in composing chat responses, generating automatic meeting summaries, email messages, smart recordings, and more.

  • Zoom's approach accommodates various generative AI models, including its own large language model, Meta Llama 2, OpenAI, and Anthropic.

  • More capabilities are coming this Fall for scheduling and task management.

Why it matters: Baking integrations into widely used platforms is a great way to onboard the masses to AI. Especially when automating tasks that most employees dread which is an arena where Zoom can be the perfect trojan horse.


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Image source: Scripps News

The Rundown: Hearing aid makers are reportedly leveraging AI to create smart devices that make hearing aids more valuable and appealing, especially for younger users.

The details:

  • AI powers features such as speech clarity, fall alerts, and translation and can act as a personal assistant with music and phone capabilities.

  • The tech aims to reduce stigma and get people help sooner particularly for the younger generation, with reportedly 1 in 7 teenagers suffering from hearing loss.

  • The AI hearing aids are seen as giving users superpowers beyond just hearing help and can automatically adapt to environments and situations.

Our thoughts: The introduction of AI into hearing aids could be a game-changer, reducing the stigma and extending their use to a younger market. Transforming hearing aids from a healthcare tool to a versatile piece of AI tech can add significant appeal and user-friendliness.


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Big news: ChatGPT just integrated a Canva plugin to create visual images directly in ChatGPT, and its incredibly powerful.

Step 1. Activate Canva:

  • Open ChatGPT's plugin store Search and install the "Canva" plugin

Step 2. Create any visual:

  • Describe the visual you want to ChatGPT. Use prompts like: "Create a YouTube thumbnail template related to AI and new technologies"

Step 3. Customize and export:

  • Click the link above the visual Modify it directly in Canva Export high-resolution files with Share/Download


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UC Berkeley researchers have developed a new way to teach robots strategic moves like playing tag (see video). The experiment utilized a teacher bot with extra info to guide a student bot on intercepting humans. Despite its simplicity, the student bot actually learned complex behaviors such as predicting moves.

Mujin, a developer of AI software for industrial robots, announced a Series C raise of $85M, bringing the companys funding to a whopping $150M. Its platform simplifies deploying and automating robots for manufacturing and logistics. The companys MujinController already supports over 1,000 systems in production and has been adopted by many of the top robot equipment manufacturers.

Harvard Medical School is creating an AI in Medicine Ph.D. track to train leaders in applying AI to transform healthcare. Students will take clinical courses and do hospital rotations alongside MDs while participating in a co-mentorship model with technical and clinical faculty.


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