YouTube's new AI video chatbot!

PLUS: Figma gives collaboration an AI overhaul

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

YouTube is quietly testing some promising new AI features including a chatbot to explain videos and AI to categorize comments.

Is this the start of a broader AI experience for the platforms nearly 3 BILLION users? Lets get into it.

In todays AI rundown:

  • YouTube experiments with AI integrations for chatbots, comments

  • Figma launches new AI features to boost visual collaboration

  • 10 new AI tools to try

  • How to unlock an AI agent in your inbox with Mindy

  • IBM launches $500M venture fund for generative AI development

  • Xbox building AI copilot to create in-game assets, smart NPCs

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The Rundown: YouTube is testing two new AI tools a chatbot that can summarize videos and answer questions and a new AI feature to categorize video comments by topic.

The details:

  • The chatbot aims to provide more info on videos, recommend related content, and even quiz users on educational videos.

  • The comment summarization groups comments into topics using AI, helping creators better understand discussions on their content.

  • It's currently limited to English, Android, US, and Premium subscribers only, and comes as part of a broader push by Google to integrate AI across its products.

Why it matters: The new features to YouTube showcase Googles continued push for AI (as we patiently wait for Gemini)  helping both fans and creators cut through the noise to have a better experience. Will every piece of content on the internet one day have its own chatbot?


The Rundown: AE Studio is the key to industry dominance, securing AI talent from Havard, Stanford, and MIT to streamline operations.

What AE Studio will do for you:

  • Turbocharge your business, save hundreds of hours, and WIN!

  • Have AE build custom your custom software and AI solutions

  • Hire AE to pinpoint where and why you should be building NOW!

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The Rundown: Figma just integrated AI into its online whiteboard FigJam, helping users instantly visualize ideas and plans with customizable templates.

The details:

  • New features like Generate and Sort aim to automate tedious design tasks, while FigJam AI summarizes sticky note contents and auto-groups them into themes.

  • Users can generate templates for workflows, meetings, charts, etc., through simple text prompts.

  • The new features expand on the existing integration with ChatGPT-based Jambot.

Our thoughts: Design and collaboration are two areas where AI can turbocharge productivity  and automating and consolidating tedious tasks can free up creatives for higher-level work. Figma has been on fire in the AI design space.


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Want to unleash the power of AI on your email? The founding team from PayPal and YouTube just started a company called Mindy, an AI agent that can autonomously do tasks directly in email.

Heres how to access and utilize it (for free):

Get access: Email the AI agent at [email protected] to sign up and start using the AI. It should reply within a minute or two.

Research topics: Ask Mindy to search for info on any subject and it will provide summaries, along with supporting links. The AI can also analyze long documents and files to summarize and highlight key details.

Schedule meetings: Mindy can scan your calendar to organize and schedule events based on open slots.

Generate content: Prompt Mindy in your inbox to write emails, documents, and more.

Now anyone can benefit from powerful AI features like research, scheduling, and content creation all within an email inbox you already use daily.


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IBM just launched a $500M venture fund focused solely on advancing generative AI for business, continuing the tech giant's enterprise AI push. The fund comes on the heels of its $235M investment into generative AI firm Hugging Face in August.

Microsoft's Xbox will let developers use AI for story and character design, and the company is reportedly working with startup Inworld AI to build a copilot to turn prompts into detailed game scripts for game developers. The moves come despite AI backlash in the gaming world both from gamers and studios.

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