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  • YouTube launches Music AI Incubator

  • Massive AI job reskilling is coming

  • 儭 9 new AI tools

  • 7 essential ChatGPT plugins

  • 3 quick AI updates

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: YouTube just announced a new Music AI Incubator, revealing plans to collaborate with artists to develop generative AI technologies and gather insights.


  • The incubator kickstarts a huge partnership between YouTube and Universal Music Group, which includes stars like Anitta, OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, and the Frank Sinatra estate.

  • YouTube CEO Neal Mohan outlined three core principles to guide the companys AI use, which signal a forward-thinking approach that aims to both protect artists and unlock new opportunities.

  • The move aims to boost innovation while avoiding copyright risks and follows a spike in AI interest on the platform.

Noteworthy: With nearly three billion (!) monthly users, YouTube embracing AI could chart a completely new course for tech in the music industry especially after initial backlash and copyright enforcement.


The Rundown: Dont let the lack of coding skills hold you back from launching your own AI product. Our friends over at Innovating with AI created a free cheat sheet, to help you speedrun the entire process.

Heres whats in store for you:

  • No-code magic: Discover top-notch tools to launch AI-powered apps.

  • Bridge the gap with low-code AI: Master the art of seamless interaction with software developers.

  • Supercharge your workflow: Integrate potent AI models without typing out a single line of code.


Image source: IBM

The Rundown: A new IBM report estimates 40% of the global workforce will need to reskill in the next three years as AI transforms business operations.

Key points:

  • The company surveyed 3,000 execs and 21,000 workers on AI's evolving impact in the workplace.

  • A whopping 87% of execs reported viewing AI as enhancing rather than replacing roles, leveraging AI boosted revenues by 15% for tech adopters.

  • People skills rose in importance, with AI enabling employees to accomplish more technical skills with less training

  • The report humbly stated "AI won't replace peoplebut people who use AI will replace people who don't"

Why it matters: While a potentially seismic shift is coming to the workplace, this report is a reminder that with the right retraining, workers can become enhanced users not replaced.

Our advice: Read The Rundown, test tools and integrate the best into your workflows, and stay curious. Youll be miles ahead of the world.


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With hundreds of tools already on the ChatGPT Plugin store, it's hard to know which are worthwhile. Here are seven options we recommend exploring:

  • Zapier- Automate workflows by connecting ChatGPT to 5,000+ apps.

  • ChatWithPDF- Discuss and learn from any PDF. Perfect for students!

  • WolframAlpha- Enables real math capabilities lacking in ChatGPT.

  • VoxScript- Search and browse YouTube, webpages, and more.

  • Website Performance- Analyze website metrics like SEO and speed.

  • ScholarAI- Explore 40M papers and scientific PDFs to supercharge research.

  • Shownotes - Get summaries of long podcasts.

Utilizing the right plugins can supercharge your ChatGPT experience and take your productivity to the next level. 潃儭


The UK will reportedly spend 瞿100M of taxpayer funds on chips as it aims to scale AI capabilities but critics say the amount pales in comparison to EU, US, and China's massive investments in homegrown chip tech.

The University of Michigan is providing custom AI platforms like ChatGPT to all students, faculty, and staff a first for a major institution. UM aims to lead in accessible AI in higher education, but the costs after an initial free trial are still TBD.

Genesis Therapeutics, an AI and biotech crossover startup, just hauled in a massive $200M Series B on Monday. The round, led by a16z, will fund moving drug candidates discovered by its AI into clinical trials. Genesis has now raised over $280M to date.


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