U.S. plays hardball with AI chips

PLUS: Public AI concern grows

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The U.S. is playing hardball with new restrictions on chip exports.

Will these moves put the country ahead in the AI race, or throw fuel on an already simmering political fire? Lets dive in

In todays AI rundown:

  • U.S. expands restrictions on AI chip sales

  • New survey shows growing AI concerns

  • 儭 8 new AI tools

  • 潃儭How to enhance ChatGPT's research abilities

  • 3 quick AI updates

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown:The US has expanded restrictions on exporting Nvidia's sophisticated AI chips beyond China to now include certain Middle East countries.

Key points:

  • New licensing rules were imposed on top AI chips like A100 and H100, with both Nvidia and rival AMD receiving notice on Thursday.

  • The Middle East curbs will have "no material impact" for AMD and "don't affect a meaningful portion" of Nvidia's revenue, reps said.

  • While the exact countries werent revealed, the Middle East joins both China and Russia on the list of regions facing restrictions and comes amid high tensions around Taiwan chip manufacturing.

Our thoughts: This move shows the U.S. government is still keen on controlling both where AI chips can go and where they can't. It's also another reminder that China isn't the only country facing American restrictions on tech.


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Image source: Pew Research

The Rundown: More Americans are worried versus excited about AIs growing role in daily life, according to a new survey from Pew Research.

Key points:

  • 52% now say they're more concerned than excited about increased AI use, up 14 points since December. Only 10% of respondents were more excited than concerned.

  • Rising awareness of AI correlates with growing unease - with 90% responding that they have heard at least a little about the technology.

  • Views of AI's impact in specific areas are mixed, with many still unsure of its effects.

  • The survey saw overwhelming negative sentiment toward AIs role in privacy and personal information.

Why it matters: The results underscore the quiet divide between public sentiment of AI versus avid followers (like many of those reading this newsletter) who might have a more positive view. As the tech continues to reach for mass adoption, educating the general public will be crucial.


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