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The US military is making major moves using AI in an effort to stay ahead of other global superpowers.

Is the world ready for a new era of fully automated warfare? Lets get into it

In todays AI rundown:

  • 儭 Pentagon plots vast AI-powered military network

  •  HubSpot launches AI tools for marketing and sales

  • 儭 8 New AI tools

  •  Level up your cold email outreach with ChatGPT

  • 4 Quick AI updates

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: According to the Wall Street Journal, The Pentagon is planning to fast-track the development of an artificial intelligence military network to stay ahead of challenges from China and other global adversaries.

The details:

  • The US plans to spend hundreds of millions to develop an extensive network of AI-powered technology, drones, and autonomous systems that are "small, smart, cheap."

  • The military wants air, land, and sea capabilities to provide surveillance and logistics and the spending is part of the $1.8B AI budget request and "Replicator" initiative unveiled last week.

  • With adversaries like China increasing investment in autonomous systems, the Defense Department wants to counteract with space-based autonomous systems, ground-based logistics, and missile defense systems.

Why it matters: Integrating AI into every facet of the military is an expected (but scary) inevitability. As we delve further down the AI-driven warfare path, striking the right balance between expeditious development and thorough auditing is critical and the global stakes have never been higher.


The Rundown: Jurny is revolutionizing property management to take hospitality operations to the next level using the power of AI and automation.

Now is the time to invest in AI, and heres a fantastic startup offering readers of The Rundown the opportunity:

  • Theyve already raked in $6.5 million from Mucker, Okapi, & more.

  • Their user base has exploded 100% in 30 days, and theyve secured $2.2 million in contracted ARR.

  • They are targeting over $1 trillion in inefficiencies.

  • The round is closing soon!


Image source: HubSpot

The Rundown: CRM giant HubSpot just announced HubSpot AI, a portfolio of AI-driven features for sales, marketing, and service teams, at the companys annual INBOUND 2023 conference.


  • HubSpot AIs features include assistants to help create content and generate ideas, agents for improved customer service, and insights for predictive forecasting.

  • Also featured in the AI suite is ChatSpot, a ChatGPT-powered tool that has seen 80,000 users since its March 2023 public beta launch.

  • HubSpot also announced the revamp of Sales Hub, which has AI-powered features to streamline prospecting, track leads, facilitate seamless scheduling and handoffs, and improve deal management.

Our thoughts: As AI continues to transform companies' operations, HubSpot's AI initiative is a promising step towards empowering small businesses with less effort.


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The anonymous music creator Ghostwriter returned to social media with "Whiplash", using AI to mimic rappers Travis Scott and 21 Savage. The artist previously stirred up controversy with "Heart on My Sleeve", an AI-generated song featuring AI vocals from Drake that went viral earlier this summer.

OpenAI announced its inaugural developer event, DevDay, on November 6 in San Francisco. In-person attendees can join sessions and previews, with a live stream also available for the global audience. OpenAI aims to bring its 2M+ API developers together and share the latest AI tools though CEO Sam Altman tempered expectations by tweeting, no GPT 5 or 4.5 or anything like that, calm down.

Intuit unveiled its first public AI solution, Intuit Assist which will integrate across its platforms, including TurboTax, QuickBooks, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp. The digital assistant aims to serve personalized recommendations using Intuit's data while also handling tasks like simplified tax filings, sales insights, and customized email campaigns.


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