The 'Netflix of AI'

PLUS: Siri's AI-powered command upgrades

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Forget binge-watching — The Simulation’s new Showrunner platform lets you direct, star in, and even get paid for your own AI-generated TV shows.

The boundaries between creator and consumer are dissolving fast, and the traditional media model may never be the same. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • The Simulation unveils ‘Netflix of AI’

  • Siri 2.0 to enable AI-powered app control

  • Bring AI to your browsing experience

  • OpenAI’s current board pushes back

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Showrunner

The Rundown: AI entertainment startup The Simulation (formerly Fable Studio) just launched Showrunner, a platform that allows users to generate and watch AI-powered TV shows set in virtual simulated worlds.

The details:

  • Showrunner combines multi-agent simulations with LLMs to create interactive content aligned with specific virtual worlds.

  • Users can watch, direct, and star in shows set in virtual environments populated by AI characters, with the ability to craft episodes from prompts.

  • The platform is launching with 10 original shows, with users able to generate new episodes and edit deeper into scripts, shots, and voices.

  • Showrunner is opening in alpha to a limited number of users, with select user-created episodes receiving payment, rev share, and IMDB credits.

  • The studio went viral last year after the release of its South Park episode demos and research paper on its SHOW-1 model.

Why it matters: Showrunner is a wild step towards the merging of AI, gaming, and traditional entertainment, enabling users to not only consume but create stories within simulated worlds. The lines are blurring fast between creators and audiences — and the traditional Hollywood media model may never be the same.


The Rundown: Transform the way you create and share complex workflows with Guidde, an AI-powered platform that helps users produce engaging video documentation instantly.

With Guidde’s GPT-powered extension, you can:

  • Design stunning visuals like a pro with no prior experience

  • Take advantage of AI-generated step-by-step descriptions and voiceovers

  • Capture workflows effortlessly with Guidde's efficient browser extension

Experience the magic of AI-powered documentation and try Guidde’s free extension today.


Image source: Apple

The Rundown: Apple is reportedly set to reveal a major overhaul of its Siri voice assistant at the upcoming WWDC event, infusing AI to enable more granular control of individual apps with voice commands.

The details:

  • The revamped Siri will reportedly use LLMs to understand and execute more complex voice commands within on-device apps.

  • The AI will also analyze user habits to auto-enable new Siri commands on Apple apps, with plans to eventually expand to third-party applications.

  • Examples of new voice command capabilities include summarizing articles, editing and sharing photos, and sending and deleting emails.

  • While Siri will only handle single commands at launch planned in September, Apple hopes to enable chained, multi-step tasks as early as next year.

Why it matters: It sounds like Siri is getting a needed upgrade, but is it enough to make it truly useful? With ‘chained’ commands reportedly not coming til next year, the rumored upgrades feel a bit underwhelming — especially compared to the next-gen voice tech demoed by OpenAI and Google just in the last few weeks alone.


The Rundown: Zapier has a new Chrome extension that brings the power of AI to the browser, allowing users to summarize websites, translate content, learn from web pages, and automate tasks in real-time.


  1. Log in to the Zapier Central website or create a free account.

  2. Install the Zapier Central Chrome Extension from here.

  3. Navigate to any website you want to use with the AI.

  4. Click the Zapier extension icon, press “+ New Bot”, and start interacting with the AI with requests such as: “Summarize this page” or “Translate this page to Spanish”.


The Rundown: SambaNova Systems just set a new standard for Llama 3 8B performance with Samba-1 Turbo — allowing users to deploy the top open AI models at record speeds (1000 t/s) with full precision on just 16 chips.

With Samba 1-Turbo, you can:

  • Experience lightning-fast AI processing

  • Host up to 1000 Llama3 checkpoints concurrently on a single node

  • Run hundreds of models on a single node with record speeds, at 10x lower cost of ownership

Try Samba-1 Turbo and turbocharge your AI’s performance today.


Image source: The Economist

The Rundown: OpenAI board members Bret Taylor and Larry Summers just responded to recent commentary from former board members Helen Toner and Tasha McCauley, defending CEO Sam Altman and the company’s commitment to safety.

The details:

  • Taylor and Summers rejected Toner and McCauley’s claims made in The Economist earlier this week.

  • The response cited a law firm’s external review, finding no evidence that Altman’s firing was due to safety, financial issues, or misleading statements.

  • Taylor and Summers also highlighted OpenAI’s efforts with policymakers, support for regulation, and voluntary safety commitments.

  • Toner also recently made additional explosive comments, accusing Altman of ‘outright lying’ and manipulating other board members.

Why it matters: The tension between the former board and OpenAI is getting uncomfortably public — with the two now trading claims via a major publication. Toner’s media push seems to make it clear this situation isn’t going away quietly, despite what the current board and Altman may hope.


  • 🏆 Seal Leaderboard - Scale AI’s new evaluation metric leaderboard for AI models

  • 🧑‍🎨 - Train a personal AI on your artwork and maintain ownership

  • 🧑‍💻 Cursor - The AI-first code editor for efficient collaboration

  • 🎥 Higgsfield NOVA-1 - Advanced text-to-video model with precise control

  • 🚀 Layerpath - Create interactive product demo in minutes

  • 🥔 OH, a potato - iOS app for zero-waste meal planning

  • 👁️ Waymo - Software Engineer, Computer Vision/Deep Learning

  • 📈 Notable - Strategic Account Executive

  • 💼 Findem - Director of Sales, Enterprise

  • 💻 Twelve Labs - Lead Software Engineer, Frontend


OpenAI is reportedly relaunching its robotics team after scrapping the division in 2020, aiming to develop models for other companies’ robots instead of creating its own hardware.

Perplexity unveiled Pages, a new tool that converts research into visual, comprehensive content like articles, reports, and guides. launched Custom Assistants, allowing users to build their own personalized AI bots using top LLMs like GPT-4o and Claude 3.

Maven AGI came out of stealth and announced a $28M raise, sharing new details on its customer support AI that autonomously resolves over 93% of issues and cuts support costs by 81%.

Perplexity is also reportedly in talks to raise $250M at a $3B valuation, with the company generating over $20M in annual subscription revenue.

Anthropic rolled out the ability for Claude to interact with tools to all users, enabling more complex tasks and building capabilities.



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