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What do Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Salesforce, and IBM all have in common?

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  • Hugging Face raises $235M

  • Nvidia stock continues record-setting surge

  • 儭 7 new AI tools

  • How to use Custom Instructions to fine-tune ChatGPT

  • 3 quick AI updates

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: AI startup Hugging Face announced a $235M Series D raise on Thursday, led by a star-studded roster of tech giants including Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Salesforce, and IBM.


  • The platform provides tools for sharing and running open-source AI, as well as libraries and other tools for customizing systems currently hosting 500,000 different models and 250,000 data sets.

  • The round brings the companys total raise to $395.2M to date, putting the startup at a whopping $4.5B valuation.

  • CEO Clem Delangue says AI is the new way of building all software and hopes to have 100M AI builders relying on Hugging Face in the next five years.

The relevance: This mega round highlights the soaring demand for collaborative AI development. As custom models continue to explode, Hugging Face's platform has emerged as a predominant figure in the open-source sector.


The Rundown:AI is moving fast, and were ALL trying to not get left behind. You can take action to future-proof your career today using Innovating with AIs free course.

In this AI career-growth lesson, youll learn:

  • The best no-code tools to get you started building with AI

  • How to get into The Innovators Mindset so you can rapidly launch new ideas

  • How to persuade your clients and bosses to invest in AI (and make a smart risk-benefit analysis)

  • The full AI industry landscape so you can be the smartest person in the room


Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Nvidia continued to blow away Wall Street on Wednesday afternoon. With their earnings report in the spotlight, the company's stock achieved unparalleled heights, reflecting the ongoing robust demand for AI chips.

Key points:

  • Nvidias revenue doubled last quarter on soaring data center demand, surging 100%+ from the previous year and beating the already lofty market expectations.

  • Production constraints have led to an intense scramble for the limited chips, and a rumored shortage has some startups even using scarce GPUs as collateral for loans.

  • CEO Jensen Huang (whose net worth reportedly rose a cool $4B this week) said that a new computing era has begun.

Why it matters: As the AI chip kingpin, Nvidia currently holds the keys to the castle and every major player must go through them for the precious GPUs fueling the arms race. For now, the AI boom has a clear champion.

The lesson: During a gold rush, sell the shovels.


Bruinen- Integrate end-user data and actions into your LLMs (link)*

IndieZebra- A/B test your Product Hunt launch (link)

Code Llama- Metas open-source LLM for coding (link)

Vimcal- Calendar app on steroids. Assists users in scheduling and organizing events efficiently (link)

HoppyCoppy- Generate better emails and newsletters in seconds with AI (link)

Longshot- ChatGPT for enterprises. Upload your docs, fact check, ensure zero hallucinations, and integrate anywhere (link)

Yaara- Use AI to write proven, high-converting copy (link)

Browse the most popular tools ever featured with our tool database.

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Leveraging some of ChatGPTs lesser-known settings can help take your experience to the next level. Try using the Custom Instructions feature to personalize exactly how ChatGPT interacts with you.

To access: Click the menu (the three dots next to your name in the bottom left corner) -> Custom Instructions



  • What ChatGPT Should Know: "I am a freelancer managing multiple projects across various domains like writing, design, and digital marketing."

  • Desired Response: "Help me draft project proposals and invoices, and suggest time management tips tailored to a multi-project freelance schedule."

Parent Assisting Children with Homework

  • What ChatGPT Should Know: "I'm a parent helping my kids with their homework and educational activities."

  • Desired Response: "Use simple language and avoid complex terms when helping with homework or explaining concepts."

We encourage you to play around with these examples for your desired needs, and let us know what you come up with! 潃儭


Amazon is bringing new AI tools to its Thursday Night Football broadcasts this season. A new secondary Prime Stream will include AI enhancements, including highlighting blitzing defenders, suggesting play calls, calculating situational statistics, and more. The AI additions come as part of an effort to make games more engaging for data-driven fans.

Meta announced the release of a new tool called 'Code Llama on Thursday, which generates and discusses code via text prompts. The open-source LLM supports popular languages like Python and JavaScript.

OpenAI named data-labeling startup Scale AI as its preferred partner for fine-tuning GPT-3.5, letting the company apply its expertise to customize models for clients. The announcement comes on the heels of a recent pilot showing that fine-tuned GPT-3.5 matched GPT-4 in quality for less cost.


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