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Snapchat AI posted an eerie video of a wall and ceiling on its public story, leaving users horrified. Then, it went offline. Lets break it down

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  • Snapchat AI freaks out users with creepy glitch

  •  Brain recordings decode a Pink Floyd classic

  • 儭 8 new AI tools

  • How to brainstorm better with ChatGPT

  • 3 quick AI updates

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Source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Snapchat's personalized "My AI" chatbot horrified users on Tuesday, inexplicably posting a strange video of a wall and ceiling to its public story before going silent.


  • The ChatGPT-powered bot startled the Snapchat community by sharing the ambiguous three-second clip out of nowhere.

  • It then went offline for a period, leaving people panicked that it posted images of their own homes.

  • When it returned, My AI had strange responses about pulling a prank and needing help.

Our thoughts: When personalized AI glitches get disturbing, its perfect clickbait to spread across social media and negatively impact sentiment. For Snapchat, the chatbot has unfortunately felt like more trouble than its worth so far.


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Source: Midjourney

The Rundown: UC Berkeley neuroscientists just reconstructed Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" using iEEG brain recordings and AI, allowing listeners to hear the song recreated from brain activity.

Key points:

  • The recordings came from electrodes on the brains of epilepsy patients listening to music.

  • AI software reconstructed rhythms, vocals, and lyrics from the brain waves, translating the data into muffled but discernible singing.

  • The findings help pinpoint brain areas processing musical elements and could lead to more natural speech from brain-reading implants.

Why it matters: This wild feat holds serious promise for understanding how our brains process sound and speech, and is a major step forward towards helping patients with speech difficulties better communicate.

Check out how shockingly real the outputs sound here.


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OpenAI just acquired Global Illumination, an AI design studio founded by ex-Meta employees. The company boasts a team that has contributed to powerhouses like YouTube, Google, and Pixar, and was working on an open-source web sandbox MMORPG. Are virtual AI civilizations on the way?

Google is reportedly testing new tools where AI can act as a life coach with the chatbot offering advice, ideas, tutoring, and more. The research marks a pivotal shift for the company and further demonstrates Googles enormous push for AI.

Adobe just rolled out new AI features to its Express design platform, now open to the public after months of beta testing. Users can generate custom images and text (using Adobe Firefly) from prompts in 100+ languages. Will Adobe catch up to the ever-so-popular Canva AI?


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