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Major sparks are flying in AI video — with Runway and Getty Images dropping a new partnership that could reshape video content creation across industries.

Will this collaboration be the catalyst that brings the transformative tech into the mainstream media? Let’s dive deeper…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Runway and Getty Images team up on AI video

  • DeepMind creates AI that can learns from humans

  • 10 new AI tools to try

  • How to animate anything with AI

  • AstraZeneca taps AI for cancer drug hunt

  • Europe’s OpenAI competitor Mistral valued at $2B+

  • OpenAI juiced investor return potential

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Image source: Runway

The Rundown: AI video startup Runway ML just announced a partnership with stock media giant Getty Images to develop a powerful new generative model (not-so-creatively named Runway & Getty Images Model, or RGM).

The details:

  • RGM will allow companies like Hollywood studios and ad agencies to fine-tune the model with their own data to create customized, high-quality video content.

  • The partnership combines Runway's cutting-edge AI for realistic video generation with Getty's vast image library and distribution network.

  • The news comes as Runway faces a lawsuit from artists, alleging the models were trained on their content without consent.

Why it matters: This collab shows serious potential to reshape workflows with AI in major industries. While the use of AI has been a hot-button issue, moves like this open the floodgates for mass adoption of the tech.


The Rundown: Learn from e-commerce pros on how you can leverage GenAI to shave off hours of design and production time in your own business.

They’ll share how you can:

  • Create highly customized product assets at scale

  • Generate and iterate new product design concepts quickly

  • Mix multiple GenAI models to create powerful workflows

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Image source: Google DeepMind

The Rundown: Researchers from Google DeepMind just developed a new way for AI agents to acquire knowledge from human demonstrations in real-time — allowing for "cultural transmission" without needing large datasets.

The details:

  • The agents can learn from humans in a rich 3D simulation by observing movements and reproducing behaviors.

  • The system uses deep reinforcement learning combined with memory, attention mechanisms, and automatic curriculum learning to achieve strong performance.

  • Tests show the AI can generalize across tasks, recall demos when the expert is gone, and closely match human trajectories with goals.

Why it matters: Cultural transmission in AI enables feedback loops that can massively amplify learning over time. This method is a stepping stone towards systems that accumulate knowledge over generations, just like humans.


Should artists have a say in their work being used for AI training?

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There’s a new AI model going viral over the last few days — unlocking a wild new technique for animating characters, images, and… everything in between.

Follow the guide below to try out a similar demo yourself:

Step 1: Head to the MagicAnimate demo on HuggingFace.

Step 2: Upload the subject you’d like to animate — most of the example motion sequences are full-body vertical, so keep that in mind when generating or selecting your reference image.

Step 3: Hit animate, and wait! This demo might take a bit longer than others, especially with so many users testing it out right now.

We’re about to enter a world where anyone can create and transform anything — limited only by what they can imagine…


Pharma giant AstraZeneca just inked a deal worth up to $247M with U.S. AI biotech company Absci to design a new antibody cancer therapy. Absci's protein-analyzing AI speeds up discovery success — with the partnership hoping to turbocharge the development of life-saving drugs.

French AI startup Mistral is reportedly closing a mega $488M round from backers like a16z to value the firm at around $2B. Quickly emerging as a European counterweight to US giants, Mistral's giant war chest will fuel its mission to offer a scaled-down, efficient alternative for AI's costly compute.

A new (paywall) article from The Economist reveals that OpenAI originally capped investor profits at 100x but recently tweaked the limit, which is now set to rise 20% annually from 2025. The change suggests OpenAI knows its goal of AGI could eventually yield massive financial upside for backers.

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