Robot gets equipped with Stable Diffusion AI

PLUS: ChatGPT fully launches code interpreter

Happy Friday!

Its been another crazy week in AI, and todays no exception.

Robots, self-driving cars, a ChatGPT update, and more!

In todays AI rundown:

  • Advanced humanoid robots can now draw

  • Volkswagen starts testing self-driving vans

  • Code interpreter coming to ChatGPT Plus users

  • 7 New AI tools and 3 quick hits

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Image source: Engineered Arts, YouTube

The Rundown: Researchers at Engineered Arts have equipped Ameca (an advanced humanoid robot) with Stable Diffusion giving it the power to imagine drawings.

Key points:

  • Developed in 2021, Ameca is an advanced humanoid robot equipped with microphones, cameras, and facial recognition software.

  • Engineered Arts upgraded Ameca's software using Stable Diffusion, a deep-learning model for generating images based on text prompts

  • Ameca skillfully sketched a cat on its canvas and even signed the drawing

  • For interactions, Ameca utilizes both GPT-3 and human telepresence, featuring motorized articulation in its arms, fingers, and neck.

  • The company previously showcased Ameca's ability to express human emotions and speak in multiple languages

Why it matters: While Amecas drawing was not exactly Picasso-level, this development showcases that AI and robots are becoming significantly more human-like.


The Rundown: Launching an AI product is hard. But Innovating with AI launched two new AI products in 1 month.

They created a free video lesson and cheat sheet to help you do it yourself throughout the process.

Youll learn the following:

  • The AI Business Model Matrix: How to combine your skills, interests, and advanced AI tools in unique and exciting ways

  • The AI Venture Mindset: How to use rapid experimentation and industry uncertainty to your advantage

  • The AI Marketing Cookbook: Where to share and promote your new AI-powered business for maximum growth


Image source: Volkswagen

The Rundown: Volkswagen has launched an autonomous vehicle test program in Austin, partnering with Mobileye and utilizing a fleet of 10 all-electric ID Buzz vehicles.

Key points:

  • Volkswagen has created a new subsidiary called Volkswagen ADMT to lead its autonomous driving efforts (in the United States)

  • Volkswagen plans to expand testing to at least four more American cities over the next three years and aims to launch commercial operations in Austin by 2026

  • Its autonomous vehicle program in Austin will initially involve data collection through the equipped vehicles

  • Human safety operators will be behind the wheel during testing

  • This move comes nine months after the shutdown of Volkswagen's previous autonomous vehicle technology partner, Argo

Why it matters: Tesla and Mobileye are neck-and-neck in the current automated-driving car space. If this Volkswagen test program goes well, it will be a huge step up for Mobileye.


Image source: OpenAI, Twitter

The Rundown: Over the next week, all ChatGPT Plus users will gain access to the Code Interpreter beta feature.


  • It allows ChatGPT to run code, optionally with access to files youve uploaded.

  • You can request ChatGPT to analyze data, edit files, and solve math problemsand thats just the start

  • As with all ChatGPT beta features, you must enable it in your profile settings

Hot tip: Weve tried it, and our favorite use case is getting it to create visuals such as graphs and plots. Its a game changer for people who work with lots of data.

Just remember to disable chat history and model training if you dont want to feed ChatGPT all your precious information.


Fiverrenables teams of all sizes to find AI professionals to help execute any task at hand (use code ROWAN10 to get 10% off your first order)*

VEEDgenerates professional-level AI videos using text

Convertfiles.aiconverts your images online for free

Whimsical AItranslates ideas into beautiful flowcharts in seconds

FlutterFlow AIGenprovides AI assistance for all steps of the app development process

Verble allows you to write persuasive speeches with the help of AI

Supertools organizes 100s of AI tools for you in one spot


ChatGPT passed Bridgewater's investment associates test, performing at the 80th percentile, which is equivalent to a first-year associate. According to Greg Jensen, the firm's co-CIO, using ChatGPT is the equivalent of having "millions" of investment associates working at once.

DigitalOcean, a cloud hosting company, has officially announced its acquisition of Paperspace, a New York-based startup specializing in cloud computing and AI development. The acquisition amount of $111 million will be paid in cash.

Adobe is limiting employee use of AI, with the company instructing its workers not to use their personal email accounts or corporate credit cards when signing up for AI tools, like ChatGPT.


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