New robot-dog uses AI to talk!

PLUS: Shutterstock debuts AI image editing

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Boston Dynamics is humanizing its robotic dog Spot with a ChatGPT-powered voice, showcasing conversational commands in a charming factory tour.

Is this a look at an exciting future of robotics or another step down a scary dystopian path? Lets get into it.

In todays AI rundown:

  • Boston Dynamics' robot dog can talk

  • Shutterstock debuts AI image editor

  • 儭 10 New AI tools

  • Modify images precisely with DALLE-3 seeds

  • 3 Quick AI updates

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Image source: Boston Dynamics

The Rundown: Boston Dynamics has outfitted its four-legged Spot bot with a voice powered by ChatGPT, giving talking tours of its facility to show off its conversational skills in a new demo video.

The details:

  • Spot answers questions and narrates the tour with a variety of personalities and accents, using prompts, predetermined scripts and visual captioning.

  • Its gripper moves to mimic speech, enhanced by googly eyes and a mustache accessory.

  • Boston Dynamics trained Spot's responses using ChatGPT and other large language models showing off the engaging power of conversational commands.

Our thoughts: While Boston Dynamics robot creations have stirred up a mix of emotions from the public in the past, maybe a British accent and a cute hat will help humanize them a bit more?

Let us know what you think about Spot in todays poll below.


The Rundown: Are you leveraging the vast untapped potential awaiting your business speech? Speech Intelligence by Speechmatics transforms audio and media into prime value generators for your enterprise.

Heres how it works:

  • Merges state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) with cutting-edge AI and advanced large language models.

  • Delivers real-time capabilities to extract valuable customer insights and facilitate global translations.

  • Decodes speech across numerous languages.

Step into the future with the bedrock of AI-driven speech technology.


Image source: Shutterstock

The Rundown: Shutterstock just integrated AI capabilities into its platform, allowing users new ways to modify stock photos from its library of 750 million images.

The details:

  • New features like Magic Brush and Background Remover utilize AI to alter existing Shutterstock photos.

  • Users can expand images, resize, add text/shapes, change colors, and more to customize their needs.

  • For now, Shutterstock relies on OpenAIs DALL-E 2, with plans to update to the latest DALL-E version.

  • The company says it's taking an ethical approach compensating original creators and restricting AI use only to its existing library.

Our thoughts: With platforms like Midjourney and DALL-E rendering stock image sites near obsolete, legacy giants are scrambling to adjust. And with heavy restrictions, the integrations still feel like a bit of a half-measure.


How do you feel about robots with human-like capabilities?

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Sheet AI- Put AI in your Google Sheets (link)

Magic Studio- Create amazing product photos in minutes (link)

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AI-suggests- Generate tons of ready-to-use content and new ideas for your business instantly (link)

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DALL-E 3 now allows editing images through seed identification and modification prompts allowing users to make much more detailed and precise changes without completely altering the original generation.

Generate an initial image: Open ChatGPT and select the DALLE-3 model. Create your first image with a descriptive prompt.

Example prompt below: a gigantic statue (like the statue of liberty) but with a robot instead of a woman, holding a computer with the text "The Rundown" carved into it.

Get the seed ID: After generating the four images, choose the one youd like to edit and ask ChatGPT: "What is the seed for image 1?" to get its unique identifier.

Modify the image: Now, use this structure to make changes: "Modify image [1] with seed [12345]: [add/remove/change elements]" Tweak the image prompts as needed to achieve your ideal result.

With this easy editing workflow, DALL-E 3 becomes a collaborative creative tool. No more one-and-done images refine your visuals iteratively.


OpenAI is building a Preparedness team to assess dangers of highly capable AI, aiming to track risks in areas like persuasion, nuclear threats, and cyber threats. The company also announced a challenge, offering $25,000 in API credits to the top 10 submissions for novel ideas on AI risk prevention.

Chatbot platform Poe launched a new monetization program for AI bot creators, allowing makers to earn revenue shares and per-message fees. The company aims to reward creators while fostering talent to build more inventive bots.

D-ID just launched a mobile app for its AI video creation tech, allowing users to generate digital avatars from photos on the go. Creators can now use pics from their phones library and quickly integrate avatars, generate voice, and write or upload utilize scripts for scaling up content production.

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