Revolutionary cancer-detecting AI

PLUS: Anthropic reveals Claude 2 Pro

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Microsoft and Paige are collaborating on a new AI model that could revolutionize future cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Will AI be able to solve one of humanitys biggest hurdles? Lets dive in

In todays AI rundown:

  •  Microsoft and Paige team up on cancer detecting AI

  • Anthropic unveils Claude 2 Pro

  • 儭 8 New AI tools

  •  How to sharpen negotiation skills with ChatGPT

  • 3 Quick AI updates

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Microsoft just announced collaboration with Paige to build the largest image-based AI model for cancer detection.

Key points:

  • The model is surging ahead with training on an unprecedented volume of data, digesting billions of images to identify both common and rare cancers.

  • Paige, originally a spin-off from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, already owns an AI that assists pathologists in detecting breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

  • The initiative aims to boost speed and accuracy for overloaded medical staff with Paige emphasizing that it is a tool for doctors, not a replacement.

Why it matters: Microsoft has been aggressively investing in healthcare AI this year for good reason. AI can possibly revolutionize detection and care for the millions of humans battling cancer globally every year.

Combining a wealth of medical data with Microsofts massive computing power feels like a major recipe for world-altering breakthroughs.

Poll: With future advancements of AI in healthcare, how long do you believe average human life expectancy will be 50 years from now?

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Image source: Anthropic

The Rundown: Anthropic has finally announced a premium plan for AI chatbot Claude 2, providing enhanced features and increased message limits to take on rival OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus.

The details:

  • The Pro tier promises a whopping 5x more usage than the free tier, with early access to new features and priority access.

  • Anthropic noted that the current message limits for the free tier have been due to capacity constraints, as robust models like Claude 2 demand powerful computing power.

  • The company (founded by ex-OpenAI employees) anticipates needing $5 billion in the next two years to maintain its envisioned sophisticated AI while facing competition from OpenAI, AI21 Labs, and Cohere.

Our take: With its new Pro plan, Anthropic ups the stake in the consumer LLM space providing direct competition (at an identical price) to rival ChatGPT Plus. But with OpenAI already dominating market share, getting users to pay for both models (or switch entirely) may be a tough task.


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Google will now require political ads using AI-generated content to clearly disclose it, according to an update on the companys Advertising Policy Portal. The move comes ahead of the 2024 election, where AI has already started being deployed for attack ads.

Note: The disclosures reportedly rely on good faith, do not cover unpaid content, and are quite light on specifics.

Time just released its TIME100AI list, spotlighting the most influential people shaping the field of artificial intelligence. Ranging in age from 18 to 76, the 100 are divided into four categories: Leaders, Innovators, Shapers, and Thinkers. Times selection process aimed to map the key relationships and power centers directing AI's growth.

The CEO of Imbue, Kanjun Qiu, announced a whopping $200M Series B round, putting the companys valuation over $1B. The cash will support Imbue's development of AI systems capable of robustly reasoning and coding, positioning the technology to work more effectively in the real world.


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