Researchers discover a new planet using AI

PLUS: Grimes embraces AI in music

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  • Grimes embraces AI in music: Sharing royalties with creators

  • Binance Introduces Sensei: A crypto chatbot using AI

  • AI discovers a new planet: Revolutionizing space exploration

  • 1 million tokens: New viral AI research paper

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Grimes, a famous Canadian musician also known as the mother to three of Elon Musk's children, tweeted over the weekend giving her approval for creatingAI-generated songs using her voice, as long as creators share 50% of the royalties with her.

In a follow-up tweet, she announced that her vocals can be accessed through and that she will be using blockchain technology to split royalties with AI creators.

While some artists such as Drake are banning the use of generative AI with their music, Grimes is the first mainstream artist to fully embrace AI, inviting fans to essentially work for her by using her voice while she sits back and collects 50% of royalties.

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Following Grimes' innovation for combining both AI and blockchain technology, Binance unveils Binance Sensei, a personalized crypto assistant chatbot powered by AI.

Sensei is trained on over 1,000 articles and courses available on Binance Academy, allowing users to easily access the platform's extensive educational resources about crypto and web3.

With this move, Binance becomes the first crypto platform to embrace AI, making blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge more accessible and engaging for users of all levels.

Researchers at the University of Georgia recently discovered a new planet using machine learning, demonstrating AI's potential to transform how scientists detect and identify new planets far from Earth.

The study demonstrates how machine learning can accurately identify exoplanets by examining protoplanetary disks. The AI models pinpointed the planet's location, even in data humans had already analyzed.

This is yet another use case for AI to accelerate the development of human society. In the near future, AI-driven discoveries will most likely heavily influence the future of space exploration.

A new AI research paper has been going viral due to the authors' groundbreaking discovery, which allows the Recurrent Memory Transformer to retain information across a staggering 1million tokens.

To put this into perspective, GPT-4 handles 32,000 tokens (around 50 pages of documents), and the entire Harry Potter series is around 1.5 million tokens.

GPT-4 was only released slightly over a month ago, and we were drooling over 32k tokens. Now, try 1 million.The pace of AI development is truly incredible.

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