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Another day, another eye-popping AI funding round.

Is this new AI defense unicorn another signal of the technologys militarized future? Lets dive in

In todays AI rundown:

  • Helsing scores record $223M for defense AI

  • a16zs top 50 consumer AI product list

  • 儭 8 New AI tools

  • Automate PowerPoint creation with Claude

  • 3 Quick AI updates

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Image source: Helsing

The Rundown: European defense AI startup Helsing just raised a massive $223 million Series B round led by General Catalyst potentially making it Europe's largest AI unicorn company.

Key points:

  • With previous backing from Spotify founder Daniel Ek, Helsings new raise puts the companys valuation at around $1.7B.

  • Helsing's AI platform aims to boost defense and security for democracies, expanding live data applications.

  • The round could make Helsing the largest European AI company, nudging past the recent French-based Mistral AI raise.

The relevance: Helsings raise is another example of AI's increasing influence in world security underscoring the growing relevance of tech in governance and defense strategies.


The Rundown:Dentoro can turn your groundbreaking AI concept into a prototype or craft AI-powered software tailored for your business.

Why choose Dentoro?

  • A world-class team featuring ex-Googlers and Harvard alumni

  • Engineered one of the globes largest DeFi protocols with a peak TVL of $180M

  • Co-founders startup sold for $15M

With Dentoro, you can either build custom, ready-to-deploy software or enhance your existing tech teamwhile slashing your budget by up to 60%.


Image source: a16z

The Rundown: Venture capital firm a16z analyzed web traffic data on the top AI consumer products, uncovering insights as part of a broader study on the economics of generative AI.

Key points:

  • ChatGPT currently dominates, representing 60% of all traffic with Character.ai at a distant second in the usage rankings.

  • The rest of the top 10 include Bard, Poe, QuillBot, Photoroom, Civitai, Midjourney, Hugging Face, and Perplexity.

  • Surprisingly, many "GPT wrappers" made the top 50 with a roughly evenly split between proprietary models, fine-tuned open source models, and public third-party models.

  • Despite hype, even the biggest AI products like ChatGPT are still small vs mainstream apps like YouTube and Facebook.

Why it matters: ChatGPTs AI product dominance is impressive but its certainly eye-opening to see its scale relative to the biggest mainstream consumer apps. While it currently feels like the AI buzz is everywhere, these statistics show its still very early days.


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Learn to embed AI into your tech stack, create AI-powered Zaps, and build your very own AI chatbots from scratch. Also, check out our special keynote with Sam Altman, Co-founder and CEO of OpenAI.

Software maker Databricks just nabbed a cool $500M raise, boosting its value to an eye-popping $43B. The company is doubling down on AI (including backing from Nvidia) with its own ChatGPT-style LLM creator.

Adobe is opening up its AI tools to the masses, taking Firefly out of beta and launching a standalone app that wont require Adobe subscriptions. The team is also cooking up a new way to pay stock contributors for allowing them to training its AI on their content.


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