OpenAI unveils voice cloning tool

PLUS: $100B AI supercomputer plans

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

OpenAI just unveiled Voice Engine — an AI model that can clone a voice from just 15 seconds of audio.

With tech like this, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell what’s real or fake on the internet. Let’s dive in…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • OpenAI unveils AI voice cloning tool

  • Microsoft and OpenAI plan $100B supercomputer

  • Apply structure references to your images

  • Learn how to apply AI in your work

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: 9to5Google

The Rundown: OpenAI has unveiled a preview of Voice Engine, a model that can clone human voices from a 15-second audio sample and generate natural-sounding speech.

The details:

  • The model is able to preserve the accent and emotions of the original speaker in generated speech.

  • Voice Engine is currently being tested by a small group of trusted partners, including AI startup HeyGen.

  • OpenAI has implemented safety measures like watermarking and proactive monitoring to prevent misuse.

  • The company revealed it first developed the tech in late 2022 and has been using it to power voices in its text-to-speech API and ChatGPT.

Why it matters: OpenAI is clearly far ahead in the space, with Voice Engine being deployed internally since 2022. However, with no public release in sight, the company seems to understand the risks, such as deepfake scams during an election year.


The Rundown: Ava is an AI-powered Business Development Representative that transforms outbound sales — with 10x the skills of a human worker at a fraction of the cost.

As one of the world's first AI employees, Ava offers:

  • Intelligent lead discovery from a database of 270M+ contacts

  • Hyper-personalized cold outreach emails sent to 1000s of prospects

  • Advanced lead research and automated email scheduling


Image source: Getty Images

The Rundown: Microsoft and OpenAI are planning a $100 billion data center project, nicknamed "Stargate," to house a supercomputer with millions of AI chips to power OpenAI's next-gen models.

The details:

  • The Stargate project could cost over $100 billion, making it 100x more expensive than today's largest data centers.

  • Microsoft would likely finance the project, which executives aim to launch as soon as 2028.

  • Stargate is reportedly designed to support AI chips from various manufacturers, lessening the companies' reliance on Nvidia's GPUs.

Why it matters: Building a data center that’s 100x bigger than all current standards takes enormous amounts of money, power, and time. Project Stargate highlights that OpenAI and Microsoft are willing to stop at no expense on the quest to AGI.


The Rundown: In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply structure references to your images for free using Adobe Firefly’s new feature called “Structure Reference”.


  1. Visit Adobe Firefly. To use it, you need to create a free account.

  2. Add an image that will serve as a reference to match its outline and depth where it says “Structure” (located on the left-hand side).

  3. Edit the prompt to closely match your desired picture and experiment with Firefly's different settings, such as aspect ratio, style, effects, or even angle.

  4. Click “Generate,” and it will provide you with multiple images to choose from 🎉


The Rundown: In case you missed it, we just launched The Rundown AI University — the best place on the internet to learn how to actually apply AI through daily tutorials, weekly workshops, and a network of the top 1%.

What you’ll get by joining:

  • Instant access to over 100+ impactful AI workflows and use cases.

  • Daily tutorials to keep you up-to-date with the latest AI tools and techniques.

  • Weekly workshops on how the latest AI tools are shaping the future of work, and how to implement them to stay ahead.

  • An exclusive community to network with and learn from the top 1% of early AI adopters.

In the near future, every tech professional will need to use AI to stay competitive.

Join The Rundown University today, and you’ll be among the small percentage of professionals who actually take advantage.


  • 🎯 Glida- AI avatar website widget sales assistant

  • 📣 Delfiny AI- AI-powered digital marketing assistants

  • 📝 Groupthink- Real-time meeting notes, task detection, and recaps

  • 🧠 MyMemo- Transform your data into a digital brain to chat with

  • 💬 Virabble- Repurpose any content into viral social media posts

  • 🎨 Bezi AI- Design 3D apps and games with AI

  • 🤖 OctoAI - Senior MLSys Engineer

  • 👨‍💼 Anthropic - Engineering Manager, Developer Productivity

  • 💼 OpenAI - Account Director, Platform Strategics

  • 📈 C3 AI - Director/Senior Director, Strategic Solutions


Elon Musk revealed in an X post that Grok 2 is in training and will “exceed current AI on all metrics“.

Andrew Ng, founder of DeepLearning AI, spoke at Sequoia Capital’s AI Ascent meetup, revealing that GPT 3.5 outperforms GPT-4 through an agentic workflow.

OpenAI has quietly updated an article showing a ‘DALL-E 3 editor interface’ — allowing users to edit images directly in the chat by selecting an area of the image and prompting changes.

The National WWII Museum is using AI and voice recognition to allow visitors to "converse" with World War II-era Americans through volumetric video interviews.

Japan and the US are reported to announce closer cooperation in AI and semiconductors in a joint statement when Prime Minister Fumio Kishida meets with President Joe Biden next month.

Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis has been awarded a knighthood in the UK for "services to artificial intelligence".

Indiana Pacers used Snapchat AI filters to make it look like Los Angeles Lakers fans were crying during a recent NBA game.



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