OpenAI's hyper-personalized AI health coach

PLUS: Create mind maps with Claude 3.5 Sonnet

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

The future of health and fitness is about to be prescribed a major dose of AI.

OpenAI and Thrive are creating a hyper-personalized AI health coach — but is this the wellness revolution we’ve been waiting for, or another tech pipe dream? Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • OpenAI and Thrive create AI health coach

  • Odyssey’s ‘Hollywood-grade’ AI video

  • Create mind maps with Claude 3.5 Sonnet

  • Japan Ministry introduces first AI policy

  • 5 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: The OpenAI Startup Fund and Thrive Global just announced Thrive AI Health, a new venture developing a hyper-personalized, multimodal AI-powered health coach to help users drive personal behavior change.

The details:

  • The AI coach will focus on five key areas: sleep, nutrition, fitness, stress management, and social connection.

  • Thrive AI Health will be trained on scientific research, biometric data, and individual preferences to offer tailored user recommendations.

  • DeCarlos Love steps in as Thrive AI Health’s CEO, who formerly worked on AI, health, and fitness experiences at Google as a product leader.

  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Thrive Global founder Ariana Huffington published an article in TIME detailing AI’s potential to improve both health and lifespans.

Why it matters: With chronic disease and healthcare costs on the rise, AI-driven personalized coaching could be a game-changer — giving anyone the ability to leverage their data for health gains. Plus, Altman’s network of companies and partners lends itself perfectly to crafting a major AI health powerhouse.


The Rundown:  Syncly (YC W23) leverages AI to reveal critical customer sentiments that traditional metrics like NPS and CSAT miss — allowing businesses to surface real pain points from everyday interactions.

With Syncly, you can:

  • Automatically identify key issues using Smart Insight, eliminating manual work

  • Utilize Syncly AI to pinpoint drivers of negative customer experiences

  • Monitor customer satisfaction in real-time with Customer AI to prevent churn

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing tools for a unified workflow

Try Syncly for free and start elevating the experience of your customers today!


Image source: Odyssey

The Rundown: Odyssey, a new startup co-founded by self-driving car industry veterans, just emerged from stealth with a ‘Hollywood-grade’ AI video generation platform aimed at revolutionizing visual effects and storytelling capabilities.

The details:

  • Odyssey is developing four specialized AI models focused on geometry, materials, lighting, and motion, aimed at giving more control over outputs.

  • The company's team includes AI researchers from tech giants, as well as artists who've worked on blockbusters like Dune and Avengers.

  • Odyssey is reportedly gathering its own 3D, real-world data for training instead of scraping existing video data, building on learnings from self-driving AI experience.

  • The startup also announced a $9M funding round with participation from Google Ventures, Y Combinator’s Garry Tan, DeepMind’s Jeff Dean, and more.

Why it matters: While we’ve already seen Hollywood start to experiment with AI video platforms like Sora, the capabilities (at least publicly) seem a bit off from longer Hollywood-type outputs. Odyssey’s ambitions could accelerate the tech’s use on the big screen, video games, and other media — but it certainly will have some stiff competition as other models improve.


The Rundown: Claude 3.5 Sonnet can generate detailed mind maps of video shot types and elements, which can significantly improve your prompts for AI video generation with other AI tools like Runway Gen-3 or Luma Dream Machine.


  1. Head over to Claude AI.

  2. Use the following prompt: "I am using a video generator. Please give me a map of all the different types of shots and things I can enter for my prompt."

  3. Explore the map and craft detailed prompts to use for AI video generator tools!

Prompt example: “Overhead drone shot: A colorful hot air balloon festival in a vast green field.”


The Rundown: Warp’s new Agent Mode lets you get fast, efficient AI guidance directly from the command line — elevating the coding experience and streamlining development workflows.

Agent Mode enables you to:

  • Switch between natural language and traditional commands

  • Get highly-tailored recommendations based on your dev environment

  • Walk through multi-step workflows, like fixing git issues or building new features


Image source: Reuters

The Rundown: Japan's Defense Ministry just released its inaugural basic policy on the use of artificial intelligence in military applications, aiming to tackle recruitment challenges and keep pace with global powers in defense technology.

The details:

  • The policy outlines seven priority areas for AI deployment, including target detection, intelligence analysis, and unmanned systems.

  • Japan sees AI as a potential solution to its rapidly aging and shrinking population, which is currently impacting military recruitment.

  • The strategy also emphasizes human control over AI systems, ruling out fully autonomous lethal weapons.

  • Japan’s Defense Ministry highlighted the U.S. and China’s military AI use as part of the ‘urgent need’ for the country to utilize the tech to increase efficiency.

Why it matters: Whether the world is ready or not, the military and AI are about to intertwine. By completely ruling out autonomous lethal weapons, Japan is setting a potential model for more responsible use of the tech, which could influence how other powers approach the AI military arms race in the future.


  • 🌠 Live Portrait - Realistic portrait animation from driving video sources

  • 🪄 Magnific Plugin for Adobe Photoshop - Enhance and upscale images in Photoshop

  • 🌎 Websim - Explore AI simulations and bring your creative projects to life

  • 🤖 Mindpal - Build an internal AI tool for your teams

  • 🍳 Pestel - Save recipes from Instagram reels using on-device AI

  • 🚗 Waymo - Systems Test Engineer

  • 💼 DeepMind - Business & Corporate Development Manager

  • 🌐 xAI - Product Web Engineer

  • 📊 Palantir - Finance Operations Analyst


Poe launched ‘Previews’, a new feature allowing users to generate and interact with web apps directly within chats, leveraging LLMs like Claude 3.5 Sonnet for enhanced coding capabilities.

Luma Labs chief scientist Jiaming Song said in an interview that real-time AI video generation is less than a year away, also showing evidence that its Dream Machine model can reason and predict world models in some capacity.

Magnific AI introduced a new Photoshop plugin, allowing users to leverage the AI upscaling and enhancing tool directly in Adobe’s editing platform.

Nvidia launched a new competition to create an open-source code dataset for training LLMs on hardware design, aiming to eventually automate the development of future GPUs.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. saw its valuation briefly surpass $1T, coming on the heels of Morgan Stanley increasing its price targets for the AI chipmaker.

AI startup Hebbia secured $130M in funding for its complex data analysis software, boosting the company’s valuation to around $700M.

A new study testing ChatGPT’s coding abilities found major limitations in the model’s abilities, though the research has been criticized for its use of GPT-3.5 instead of newer, more capable models.



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