OpenAI introduces tags in GPTs!

PLUS: X's $700M AI data center

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OpenAI’s new ‘GPT mentions’ feature just seamlessly integrated GPTs into user workflows — setting the stage for powerful multi-bot experiences ahead. Let’s explore…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • OpenAI introduces GPT mentions

  • X secures Georgia tax break for $700M AI data center

  • How to utilize GPTs in your ChatGPT workflows

  • Bard surpasses GPT-4 on chatbot leaderboard

  • 8 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: ChatGPT screenshot

The Rundown: OpenAI just quietly shipped a new ‘GPT mentions’ feature to ChatGPT, allowing users to seamlessly integrate custom bots into a conversation by tagging them in a Slack-type style.

The details:

  • The beta feature is accessed by typing ‘@’ during a ChatGPT conversation, which brings up a list of GPTs to mention and use.

  • The improvement reduces GPT friction, enabling users to call on a GPT directly in-chat instead of navigating the GPT Store.

  • Mentions also allows for the integration of multiple GPTs in a single chat, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

  • The feature was first spotted by Dan Shipper on X, with no official announcement by OpenAI yet.

  • The feature appears to be rolling out to ChatGPT premium users slowly, with only a select few users getting early access.

Why it matters: Mentions may look like a small feature update, but it is a powerful one. Enabling the use of multiple GPTs in an ongoing chat gets users closer to having a team of expert AI agents working together — and now it’s just an @ away!


The Rundown: Innovators who built on OpenAI are hungry for alternatives as their LLM-powered apps catch fire with users. Why?

  • Inference costs on OpenAI are too high for new apps to become successful businesses.

  • Low latency and scale don’t come out of the box. Not realistic for most folks.

  • Closed-sourced models lack the flexibility needed to deliver excellent experiences.

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Image source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Rundown: Elon Musk's X Corp. just secured a $10M property tax break in Atlanta covering hardware for its $700M AI data center — landing the agreement after previously claiming the company would shift the project to Portland if not approved.

The details:

  • The 10-year agreement covers existing and future equipment at X's Atlanta-area data center used to train LLMs.

  • X estimates the data center will add $241M in economic impact, with Fulton County also forecasting $16M in new taxes for the area.

  • X also previously purchased 10,000 GPUs for an artificial intelligence project in April 2023 (which was later revealed as xAI).

Why it matters: X joins Microsoft in building out major AI infrastructure in Georgia — with a data center that will play a vital role in X’s grand ambitions. While Grok has been a bit primitive compared to ChatGPT, Musk and the team at xAI continue to chip away on the future of AI on X (formerly Twitter).


The Rundown: With the recent update to ChatGPT using mentions, you can now use GPTs within ChatGPT conversations to improve and streamline your experience.

Note: This feature is slowly rolling out to ChatGPT premium users, with only a select few users getting early access.

Here is a quick step-by-step:

  1. Prompt ChatGPT with a question.

  2. Add a GPT to the conversation by typing "@" and selecting one. In this case, we will select the Whimsical GPT called AI Diagrams.

  3. Now that the GPT is part of the conversation and has context to your previous prompts and responses, we will ask the AI Diagrams GPT to represent the information visually.

  4. Now you have a Whimsical mindmap of your ChatGPT conversation.


The Rundown: Businesses powered by AI don’t just lead; they dominate. Don't let your business be the one that gets left behind...

The Imagine AI Live 24 conference, happening March 27-28 at the luxurious Fontainebleau in Las Vegas, will become the nexus of AI innovation and business transformation.

Join like-minded AI leaders, thinkers, and disruptors in a quest to redefine business and the future of work with AI.


Image source: HuggingFace

The Rundown: Google Bard just moved into second place on HuggingFace’s Chatbot Arena Leaderboard, surpassing GPT-4 and trailing only GPT-4 Turbo in the crowdsourced LLM rankings.

The details:

  • Bard’s rise follows recent improvements to the model, with the free tier rating similar to or ahead of GPT-4 in capabilities.

  • Gemini Pro is only the middle tier of Google’s planned models, with the top-tier Ultra expected to be released sometime soon.

  • The LMSYS ChatBot Arena Leaderboard crowdsources rankings using an Elo system, with other 200,000 votes collected across models.

Why it matters: Gemini’s rise up the leaderboard is impressive — and shines an even brighter light on the upcoming Ultra launch, setting sky-high expectations as the most likely contender to compete with OpenAI’s GPT models.


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Perplexity announced an integration into Arc Browser as the default search option, offering users an AI-powered search experience leveraging models like GPT-4, Claude 2.1, and Gemini Pro.

Mental health startup Sonia built an AI therapist to provide structured cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, with modules for specific stages, emergency risk monitoring, and therapeutical worksheets.

Apple Podcasts now offers AI-powered transcripts in its iOS 17.4 beta for nearly all of its shows, with the feature expected to release to the public in March.

Wondercraft announced a $3M raise for its AI-powered platform allowing users to easily crease podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

A new report from the International Energy Agency found that data centers’ electricity use is ballooning, driven by the expansion of energy-intensive tech like cryptocurrency mining and AI systems.

Midjourney released V6 updates including pan, zoom, and vary region image generation capabilities, alongside expanded alpha website access.

X temporarily blocked searches of Taylor Swift following outrage surrounding viral AI-generated explicit deepfakes of the singer, with the White House calling for regulation following the incident.



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