OpenAI fights back...

PLUS: Volkswagen gets a ChatGPT upgrade

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

OpenAI came out swinging at the New York Times following its bombshell copyright lawsuit — with a fiery new blog post refuting accusations.

But in addition to fighting the Times — will the AI leader be able to overcome the negative public perception of its controversial training data? Let’s investigate…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • OpenAI fires back at NYT copyright lawsuit

  • Volkswagen integrating ChatGPT into cars via voice AI

  • How to order your groceries with AI

  • AI uncovers famous painting had other artists

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: OpenAI

The Rundown: OpenAI just came out swinging in response to The New York Times' recent lawsuit alleging copyright infringement, publishing a blog post staunchly defending its practices while questioning the Times' motives.

The details:

  • OpenAI said the NYT adopted the company’s offered content removal option in August, but still sued months later.

  • The blog also argues the Times cherry-picked prompts intentionally designed to trigger regurgitation, rather than normal customer usage.

  • In a submission to the UK’s Communications and House Select Committee, OpenAI stated the current copyright law makes creating models like ChatGPT impossible without leveraging such works.

Why it matters: OpenAI is drawing clear battle lines against the landmark Times suit — but regardless of the outcome, the negative public perception of AI’s content usage will be a difficult sentiment to overcome.


The Rundown: AE Studio is the key to industry dominance, securing AI talent from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT to streamline operations.

What AE Studio will do for you:

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Image source: Volkswagen

The Rundown: Volkswagen just revealed it’s bringing ChatGPT into new car models through its IDA voice assistant, allowing drivers to engage the AI chatbot for information and entertainment hands-free.

The details:

  • The move comes through a new partnership with Cerence, using its Chat Pro software to implement custom ChatGPT vehicle integrations.

  • ChatGPT responses will be returned through the IDA assistant activated by voice or the steering wheel button.

  • The rollout will start in Q2 this year across VW's Europe EV models through cloud updates, with the tech still “being considered” for U.S. markets.

Why it matters: Volkswagen is another example of automakers looking to keep pace with the ‘smart’ tech that AI advances are bringing — and with seemingly easy-to-implement cloud updates, more companies will likely follow suit.


The Rundown: A new AI feature from the delivery platform DoorDash now allows you to conveniently order your groceries just by copying your grocery list.

Thank you to Olivia Moore (@omooretweets) for sharing this tip.


  1. Open the DoorDash app.

  2. Click the ‘Grocery’ tab and select the store you’d like to order from.

  3. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button under the ‘Got a grocery list?’ section.

  4. Input your grocery list (using natural language). DoorDash will then create a search page of available options that match your list for easy ordering.


The Rundown: Revolutionize your tech experience with rabbit's r1 - Your AI pocket companion.

  • r1's AI, powered by rabbit OS, understands and executes your commands naturally

  • Streamline your digital life: r1 learns your interactions and handles apps in your unique style

  • Experience the future of human-machine interaction with r1's groundbreaking LAM technology


Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The Rundown: New AI analysis concludes that while most of the renowned Raphael painting "Madonna della Rosa" aligns with his style, the face of Joseph differs and was likely painted by someone else.

The details:

  • Researchers trained the AI on verified Raphael paintings to assess brushstrokes, colors, and shading in microscopic detail.

  • Initial testing of the painting was inconclusive — with subsequent testing on individual sections revealing inconsistency in the face.

  • The researchers had previously used AI to confirm Raphael’s ‘de Brecy Tondo’ based on pigment analysis.

Why it matters: Given the current polarizing commentary surrounding AI and art, there’s some irony in AI being used to verify the authenticity of famous pieces. This research shows the ability of a trained AI to assist in unexpected places.


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Nvidia unveiled a suite of new AI features at CES 2024, including new GeForce Super GPUs and RTX AI laptops, Getty Images’ iStock service powered by NVIDIA Picasso, new gaming tools for developers and users, and more.

Samsung announced its 2024 TV lineup at CES, featuring heavy use of AI, including upscaling to convert content to 8K, sports tracking, depth enhancement, dialog boosting, and an OLED Glare Free model.

Panasonic developed REAL-AI, a new image recognition AI that leverages appearance differences to categorize objects more accurately.

A new app allows users to run Mistral 7B locally on an iPhone Pro, giving an early taste of the personal, on-device LLM future.

Brainchip and NVISO demonstrated a new system at CES 2024 that perceives facial expressions, emotions, gestures, and more to enable autonomous devices to interact with humans more safely.

Samsung showcased the world’s first transparent MicroLED screen at CES 2024, featuring a futuristic, hologram-looking frameless design.

Niels Rouge released a video tutorial on how to train and deploy your own private LLM at home.

Loom is reportedly working on deepfake technology, allowing users to generate video with audio directly from text.



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