Nvidia brings AI to businesses

PLUS: LEAKED images of Google's secret AI tools

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

A new Lenovo/Nvidia collab aims to spread AI to everyone offering turnkey solutions for companies to easily integrate the tech into their workflow.

Will this partnership spark an explosion of customized models, AI adoption, and new innovation? Lets get into it.

In todays AI rundown:

  • Lenovo, Nvidia team up to bring AI to businesses

  • Google's secret AI tools leaked

  • 儭 10 New AI tools

  • Create on-brand logos with DALL-E 3

  • 3 Quick AI updates

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Image source: NVIDIA

The Rundown: Lenovo and Nvidia just announced an expanded partnership to provide end-to-end AI solutions that enable companies to easily build and deploy custom AI models.

The details:

  • The offerings include Lenovo servers and workstations optimized for AI, Nvidia's AI software, and Lenovo professional services.

  • The "hybrid AI" approach allows businesses to develop models in the cloud, and then run them on local systems.

  • Solutions are purpose-built to support generative AI applications using the customer's own data.

Why it matters: Partnerships like this accelerate AI adoption by making the technology more accessible. With turnkey solutions tailored to business needs, more companies can harness their models to drive innovation forward.


The Rundown: Smart Doorbell company, Ring, pitched on Shark Tank at a valuation of just $7Mthe sharks shut them down.

5 years later, Ring sold to Amazon for more than $1B, turning the 10% offered to the sharks from $700K to $100M (142X return)!

A similar story is brewing up in the Smart Shades industry, with a company called RYSE pitching on the Canadian Shark Tank called Dragons Den.

The difference? They received two offers, and you can invest alongside the Dragons!


Image source: Screenshots via Bedros Pamboukian

The Rundown: Details and previews of Googles upcoming new LLM Gemini have reportedly been leaked on a blog post on Medium, alongside another secret AI app-generator project called Stubbs.

The details:

  • The hotly anticipated multimodal Gemini model will replace Googles PaLM-2, and may power Google's Makersuite and Vertex AI.

  • Google Deepmind CEO Demis Hassabis has said that Gemini will surpass the capabilities of GPT-4, with speculation of a late 2023 release date.

  • Stubbs is a visual, no-code tool for easily building basic AI prototype apps, with users able to publish, share, and remix Stubbs creations.

The relevance: It feels like the launch of Gemini is looming which may send another shockwave through the space if capabilities live up to the hype. The leak of Stubbs shows Google has plenty of other AI tricks up its sleeve.

If Google really did train Gemini on all their data (including YouTube transcripts), the end of 2023 is going to get crazy in the world of AI.


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Secureframe AI- Boosts compliance automation, offers 150+ source monitoring, personnel/vendor mgmt, reports, RFP auto & more (link)*

Talently.ai- An AI interviewer that can screen candidates regardless of role (link)

ChatDox AI 2.0- Meet your new personal AI assistant (link)

Dashboards- Business intelligence has never been this simple (link)

潃儭 Pictory- Automatically create short, branded videos from long-form content (link)

Zaplify- Personalize your LinkedIn and email outreach automatically (link)

HoppyCoppy- Generate better emails and newsletters in seconds with AI (link)

Speak AI- Turn your language data into insights, fast and with no code. (link)

Postwise- Craft viral Tweets in seconds (link)

Munch- Extract the most engaging and impactful clips from your long-form videos (link)

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Let your favorite brand logos inspire your own custom logo using GPT-4 Vision and DALL-E 3. Follow the steps below:

Analyze reference logos: Upload your logos of choice and have GPT-4 describe their style. Example prompt: I want to generate a logo similar to this one. Describe a prompt I would use in DALL-E 3 to achieve this.

Generate logo ideas: Switch over to the DALL-E 3 version of ChatGPT and use the generated description to craft a DALL-E 3 prompt. Add in details like your company name, industry, etc. to make the output more relevant.

Review and refine: If needed, prompt DALL-E 3 to modify aspects like spacing, color, text, etc.

Export your creation: Download your polished, premium logo, integrating your brand identity with proven styles.

With GPT-4 reverse engineering logos and DALL-E 3 generating options, you can easily create professional visual identities inspired by your favorite brands.


Etsy is reportedly accidentally shutting down legit seller stores, with its bot seemingly unable to distinguish real mockups from AI art removing storefronts without notice and sparking uproar. The company is quiet on the issue, compounding an already murky overall stance on AI.

Researchers have developed a new tool called Nightshade, which subtly corrupts images to derail AI if scraped for training without consent. The data poisoning is intended to give artists power against unauthorized use of their work, and force respect for copyright rules.

Tired of generic album covers? YouTube Music's new tool allows users to create custom playlist art with AI using just a text prompt adding another layer of personalization to the platform.

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