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PLUS: Is this AI company the next Gamestop?

Happy Thursday!

Great news we just got ourselves a new (AI) friend. Thanks, Opera.

In today's rundown:

  • Opera unveils Aria, the AI browser sidebar

  • 對 Googles Flamingo VLM fixes YouTube Shorts

  • Nvidia earnings skyrocket stock price

  • 15 fresh new AI tools & resources

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Opera has unveiled its latest innovation, the AI side panel called Aria. Powered by OpenAIs GPT technology, the new browser sidekick helps users:

  • Find information on the web

  • Generate text, including code

  • Provide support about the browser itself (it has access to internal docs)

Maybe most important, however, is the fact that Aria is constantly fed new information - meaning no more limited to 2021 messages (looking at you, ChatGPT).

Try it for yourself here

Fun fact: Arias first task was to name itself.

From our partners

AI wont take your job. Someone using AI will. Best time to level up? Yesterday. Second best? Right now.

Luckily, theres Brilliant the interactive app that makes it easy to master math, data, and computer science concepts in just minutes a day.

Heres how:

  • They have thousands of lessons on tons of topics from AI and neural networks to data science.

  • They break down complex concepts into digestible building blocks that stick.

  • Their interactive style keeps you engaged, so its easy to build a daily habit.

Join over 10 million people worldwide and start building skills in minutes daily. You can try everything Brilliant has to offer for free for a full 30 days.

In a recent move, Google has merged DeepMind and Google Brain into a unified AI supergroup, called Google DeepMind. Quite the name.

The team has shared insights into its visual language model (VLM) called Flamingo, which is being utilized to generate descriptions for YouTube Shorts.

Flamingo analyzes the initial frames of a video to generate text descriptions, enabling better categorization and matching of search results to viewer searches.

The generated descriptions are stored as metadata and remain behind the scenes, aligning with Google's responsibility standards. Because, you know, data.

Since YouTube shorts are usually made quickly, helpful titles are often a second thought for creators. Flamingo seeks to fix this issue and make search relevance a focal point moving forward.

Nvidia, the US chipmaker and force behind the Bitcoin-mining-GPU-goldrush, has released a revenue forecast (that soared past Wall Streets expectations) due to increased demand for chips used to train advanced AI systems like ChatGPT.

The company expects sales to reach $11 billion in the next three months, more than 50% higher than analysts' projections.

The announcement led to a significant surge in Nvidia's stock price, with shares jumping 27% and the company's market value hitting a record $960 billion.

The expanding use of generative AI across consumers, cloud computing, and enterprise sectors, along with the explosion of sales to data centers, has done wonders for the companys growth.

Anyone getting $GME flashbacks?

Trending Tools & Resources

  • Fine-Tuner.ai- Build your own tailored AI agents without technical skills or coding (link)

  • MagicForm- Hire, train, and deploy a Hallucination Free AI sales rep to convert your website visitors into eager customers (link)

  • Character AI- Conversational AI app now on iOS/android (link)

  • Webscape- Your AI copilot for the web (link)

  • HelpHub- Custom ChatGPT + search for any site (link)

  • Graphy- Slick, interactive charts that make your work stand out. Powered by AI(link)

  • Latent Labs- Text-to-3D inside Discord (link)

  • Frontitude- Improve your user experience with AI copy (link)

  • LogicLoop- Generate SQL with AI for business and data teams (link)

  • Wudpecker- Talk to your meetings - powered by GPT-4 (link)

  • Dify AI- Open-source platform for LLMOps (link)

  • Pixelied- Generate images, logos, icons & more (link)

  • OpenAI- ChatGPT app for iOS is now available in 11 countries (link)

  • Figure announces $70M Series A (link)

  • How to create viral videos with AI (link)

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