Microsoft's AI-first MacBook rival

PLUS: Celebrity AI clone protection

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Did an AI infusion just reignite the old Windows vs. Mac rivalry?

Microsoft just unveiled Copilot+ PCs, with features that inch closer to ever-present AI assistants — and put major pressure on Apple to step up its AI game. Let’s dive in…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Microsoft unveils ‘AI-first‘ PCs

  • Dell doubles down on AI with Nvidia

  • Master AI image prompting through gaming

  • CAA protects celebrity AI identities

  • 7 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Microsoft

The Rundown: Microsoft just introduced a whirlwind of AI announcements ahead of its BUILD conference, including the world’s first ‘AI-first’ PCs, a feature that allows Copilot to speak, ‘Recall’ to remember everything you’ve done on your screen, and more.

The details:

  • A new system enables Copilot+ PCs to run AI workloads up to 20x faster and 100x more efficiently than traditional PCs.

  • Windows 11 has been rearchitected specifically for AI, integrating the Copilot assistant directly into the OS.

  • New AI experiences include a new feature called Recall, which allows users to search for anything they’ve seen on their screen with natural language.

  • Copilot’s new screen-sharing feature allows AI to watch, hear, and understand what a user is doing on their computer and answer questions in real-time.

  • Copilot+ PCs will start at $999, and ship with OpenAI's latest GPT-4o models.

Why it matters: Tony Stark’s all-powerful JARVIS AI assistant is getting closer to reality every day. Once Copilot, ChatGPT, Project Astra, or anyone else can not only respond but start executing tasks autonomously, things will start getting really exciting — and likely initiate a whole new era of tech work.


The Rundown: OctoStack from OctoAI solves the problems businesses face when self-hosting open-source LLMs like Llama 3 and Mixtral for sensitive data — allowing for optimized performance even when deploying top models.

With OctoStack, you'll benefit from:

  • 5x faster throughput and lower latency than vLLM

  • Efficient GPU utilization for maximum performance

  • A suite of advanced optimization techniques baked into the stack

Dive into this blog to learn more about the techniques behind OctoStack's impressive performance gains.


Image source: Dell

The Rundown: Dell just announced an expansion of its partnership with Nvidia, alongside the release of new servers, PCs, and services to enhance the company’s AI offerings.

The details:

  • New Dell PowerEdge servers support NVIDIA’s Blackwell GPUs to handle AI tasks, offering fast processing and improved efficiency.

  • Dell and Nvidia’s AI Factory is an enterprise solution to help organizations simplify and accelerate AI adoption, reportedly reducing setup time by 86%.

  • The company is launching a new GenAI solution for organizations to deploy personalized digital assistants.

  • Dell is also launching new solutions for organizations to set up and locally run AI applications.

Why it matters: As businesses increasingly recognize the transformative potential of AI, Dell is positioning itself as a key partner in assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of the tech’s adoption — especially with the helping hand of a powerhouse like Nvidia.


The Rundown: Google recently created a free interactive game that teaches you how to craft effective prompts for AI image generation.


  1. Head over to Google's ‘Say What You See’ game and click on ‘Start Level 1.’

  2. On each level, you’ll be given different images. Identify the key elements in the target image and write them in the prompt box.

  3. The AI will generate an image with your prompt and compare it to the target image.

  4. To advance to the next level, you need to get more than a 50% match. If you fail, the AI will give you tips on how to improve.


The Rundown: Tabnine’s AI coding assistant helps engineering teams of all sizes streamline the full software development life cycle — helping deliver high-quality code and get apps to market faster.

With Tabnine, you can:

  • Focus dev time on innovating new features.

  • Cut error rates and quickly identify and fix bugs.

  • Reduce risks, ensure compliance, and enforce dev standards.

Get started with Tabnine and unlock your competitive edge today.


Image source: CAA

The Rundown: Creative Artists Agency just teamed up with Veritone to provide a solution for its clients' AI likenesses — aiming to protect consent, credit, and compensation rights for Hollywood and broader media.

The details:

  • “The CAA Vault" is a system that allows clients to store digital assets like names, images, digital scans, and voice recordings to create AI clones.

  • The partnership with Veritone ensures secure storage and authorized access to clients' data.

  • The move comes amid growing concerns over the misuse of celebrities' digital likenesses without proper consent or compensation.

Why it matters: A major agency like CAA making proactive moves to both enable and protect high-profile clients’ AI likenesses is a great indicator of how widespread the tech is about to become. Secure, controlled monetization of digital clones could also change the conversation around AI’s use in the industry.


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OpenAI is pausing the use of the female ‘Sky’ voice featured during the company’s recent demo, following negativity surrounding its resemblance to Scarlett Johansson and the film ‘Her’.

Lmsys introduced a ‘Hard Prompts’ category in its Arena chatbot testing, aiming to help better evaluate models on more complex, problem-solving-oriented questions.

Inflection announced its new leadership team and pivoted focus on bringing empathetic, emotionally intelligent AI to enterprises via an API program.

Elon Musk commented on how AI will impact X’s feed algorithm, saying that the platform will soon move to a ‘fully AI-based post recommendation system’.

Microsoft’s Copilot appears to be sourcing some responses via advertisements, raising questions on the ethics of how LLM responses and ads will coexist in the future.

AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton said that universal basic income will be a necessity to address job losses and inequality caused by AI.



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