Microsoft just went HAM at Build 2023

PLUS: Photoshop just got AI superpowers

In today's rundown:

  • Microsoft goes HAM at Build 2023

  • Photoshop just got AI superpowers

  • Google adds generative AI to ads and product photos

  • 儭 15 fresh new AI tools & resources

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After Microsofts Build 2023 event, its safe to say Microsoft is still far ahead in the AI race amongst Google and the other tech giants.

Heres a rundown of all the major AI announcements:

  • Windows 11 AI Copilot: One of, if not the biggest thing in AI this year. All Windows machines will integrate a new AI agent within the taskbar.

  • Bing Plugins to Windows: Plugins are coming to Windows, and developers can build plugins that work across ChatGPT, Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot, and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

  • Bing Browsing: Bing will be the default search engine in ChatGPT, enabling browsing for all free ChatGPT users.

  • Windows Terminal: GitHub Copilot integration in Windows Terminal.

  • AI Hub: A new section in the Microsoft Store for the best AI experiences built by the developer community and Microsoft.

  • Dev Home: A new, developer-friendly dashboard for enhanced productivity for Windows developers.

Universal accessibility to AI language models is quickly moving from a dream to a present-day reality. Through these innovations, Microsoft has firmly grounded its position as the powerhouse of the AI landscape.

From our partners

Calling all developers: You can now explore and experiment with transcription and language AI using Deepgram's API Playground.

The API Playground provides tools like:

  • Support for Deepgram's language and speech-to-text models

  • API features like Diarization, Redaction, Summarization, Entity Detection & Topic Detection, and more!

  • A JSON explorer and transcription view of the response.

  • Request code samples for cURL, node.js, python, and .Net

Learn more about the API Playground here or sign up and get started with $200 in credit (up to 45K minutes), absolutely free.

Photoshop just got a hefty upgrade with 'Generative Fill', a feature that empowers Photoshop users to tap into the strength of Firefly right on their desktop.

Generative Fill interprets simple, natural language to guide Photoshop into producing visually impressive images. Whether it's adding elements, replacing parts of a picture, or expanding an image's edges, the possibilities are near endless.

Adobe is democratizing expert-level design, making it simpler and more accessible. Don't just take my word for it, see the demos here.

Google is introducing conversational AI to Google Ads. Feed it your landing page, and watch in awe as it conjures up keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and more for your campaign.

The future of Search Ads will look a lot different with Google supercharging automatic asset creation with AI, enhancing ad relevance in perfect sync with search queries.

Imagine searching "skincare for dry, sensitive skin" and stumbling upon a tailored ad headline like "Soothe Your Dry, Sensitive Skin."

Meanwhile, Google is also leveraging generative AI in Performance Max to facilitate easy campaign scaling. The AI creates unique assets based on your brand, further adding to the marketers' toolkit. AI is quickly redefining every industry.

Trending Tools & Resources

  • Airchat- Navals brand new social media app. Push-to-talk whenever you want, with perfect transcripts and AI art (link)

  • BetterLegal- Simplify legal language for everyone (link)

  • Mindsera- The worlds first AI-powered journal (link)

  • SupportGuy- AI-powered chatbot to never miss a customer inquiry again (link)

  • MobileDiffusion- Run Stable Diffusion on your phone (link)

  • ChatNode- Train ChatGPT on your own data (link)

  • ChatShitGPT- Get roasted by AI (link)

  • Backengine- No-code AI-powered APIs in seconds (link)

  • Teardown- Improve your SaaS pricing page in minutes with AI (link)

  • Wudpecker- Talk to your meeting notes using GPT-4 (link)

  • GPTfy- Gain entry into the realm of AI models (link)

  • Pigro- Intelligent document indexing services for smarter answers (link)

  • YT Summary- YouTube video AI summaries (link)

  • Apple will make hundreds of millions from the ChatGPT app (link)

  • Microsoft will watermark images from Bing (link)

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