Meta is revolutionizing speech generation

PLUS: China welcomes AI

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Meta has been on fire lately. But their new text-to-speech software is so good that its too dangerous to currently release.

More on that in a minute.

In today's rundown:

  • Meta Releases New Text-to-Speech AI

  • Chinas President Welcomes AI Tech

  • Filipino Kids Catch a Thief Using AI

  • 10 New AI Tools, 5 Jobs, 6 Resources, and 4 Free Gifts

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Important headlines in the world of AI today

Metas incredible pace of AI development continues with their newest release of Voicebox, an innovative all-in-one generative speech model.

The rundown:

  • Synthesizes speech across 6 languages

  • Can perform tasks it wasn't trained on

  • Has noise removal, content editing, style conversion, and more

  • Supports text-to-speech synthesis and cross-lingual style transfer

  • 20x faster than current models and outperforms single-purpose models through in-context learning (yes, 20x)

Interestingly, unlike Metas usual open-sourced approach to their AI developments, they are choosing not to make the model/code publicly available because the potential for misuse is too dangerous.

Prank calls are about to get next level. This is your daily reminder to inform your loved ones that anyones voice can be cloned using AI.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping recently discussed with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates the international impact of artificial intelligence.

Despite all the tensions in US-China relations, President Xi says they are welcoming U.S. firms to bring AI to China. Xi emphasized the need to harness AI for economic growth while still cautioning the risks.

Why it matters: This interaction highlights the possible expansion of U.S. AI technology to China despite current tensions. The decisions made here may shape the future landscape of the global tech industry.

On a lighter note, a heartwarming story of AI justice is going viral in the Philippines.

At a recent venue, two kids performed a song on stage while their bag was stolen. Luckily, the venues security camera caught the theft on camera.

Despite the security footage's poor quality, the kids posted it on social media, leading anonymous Good Samaritans to use AI to enhance the thief's image and post it in the comments.

The bag was retrieved, but one cell phone remains missing - still, a prime example of AI tech aiding the common good.

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  • Clickup- Sr NLP Engineer (link)

  • Spotify- Senior Machine Learning Engineer (link)

  • Reddit- Staff Software Engineer, Machine Learning (link)

  • Goldman Sachs- NLP AI Engineer (link)

  • Equilibrium Energy- Data Scientist (link)

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