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Zuck is reportedly preparing a GPT-4 competitor set to launch in 2024.

Will Metas open-source ambitions shift the LLM landscape? Lets dive in

In todays AI rundown:

  • Meta begins development of an AI model to rival GPT-4

  • 對 Roblox adds AI assistant to aid creators

  • 儭 7 New AI tools

  • Brainstorm business names with ChatGPT

  • 4 Quick AI updates

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: Meta is working on a powerful new AI model intended to match OpenAI's GPT-4 that it aims to launch in 2024, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Key points:

  • Meta's new model, set for training in early 2024, aims to be several times more potent than its recently launched Llama-2.

  • The model plans to aid businesses in producing high-level text, analyses, and more.

  • It will be trained on Metas infrastructure and open source, continuing Mark Zuckerbergs commitment to democratizing access to the tech.

  • It will likely come out after the release of Gemini, Googles LLM that is reportedly aiming to be more powerful than GPT-4.

Why it matters: The AI arms race is only intensifying and both Meta and Google (alongside overseas players) continue to pressure OpenAI to continue pushing the limits of their models.

Will Metas unique open-source angle be a winning difference-maker amongst the stiff competition?


The Rundown: With Pluto.fi, you can have your own AI analyst that can provide reports on your portfolio and specific stocks, so you can make smarter investing decisions.

Heres what over 20,000 investors use Pluto for:

  • Access personalized real-time market data and analysis

  • Team up with your AI to turn market trends into lucrative Automations

  • Invest in any U.S. stock, fine-tuning with AI support


Image source: Roblox

The Rundown: Gaming giant Roblox announced a new AI chatbot called Roblox Assistant at its developer conference, helping creators build virtual worlds just by typing text prompts.

The details:

  • Roblox Assistant can generate environments, objects, and basic gameplay just from text descriptions. For example, "spawn near a campfire in ancient ruins" created ruins with a campfire.

  • The assistant builds on Roblox's previous tools and the company believes AI can reduce creators' dependence on technical skills and focus on creatives.

  • The assistant is slated for a late 2023/early 2024 launch, with future goals including the ability to generate sophisticated gameplay and 3D models.

The relevance: Robloxs over 200M (!) monthly active users are about to be onboarded to learn how to create with artificial intelligence and 43% are under 13.

The platform could help empower the next-gen of builders empowered by the AI revolution.

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Video Translation- Translate your videos with a single click into any language (link)

TwGPT- Effortlessly reply to tweets in just 3 clicks using AI technology (link)

Essay Builder AI- Quickly generate exceptional essays with the power of AI for free (link)

Taplio- All-in-one AI-powered tool for creating, managing, and growing your personal brand on LinkedIn (link)

My AskAI- Create your own ChatGPT from your content (link)

AI-suggests- Generate tons of ready-to-use content and new ideas for your business instantly (link)

Noodl AI- AI-powered low-code app development (link)

Browse the most popular tools ever featured with our tool database.


Struggling to name your new company, product, or service? AI can help suggest creative, catchy, and meaningful name options on demand to get the ball rolling.

The prompt:

"Please propose [number] potential business names for my [company / product / service] in the [industry]. The target audience is [audience]. Focus on names that are clever, catchy, and communicate [key attributes]."

Effortlessly develop a shortlist of names then refine and iterate until you land on the perfect one.

This prompt also applies to newsletters, websites, etc. AI is the perfect brainstorming sparring partner!


Scott Galloway has spoken about the dangers of AI, but hes still an AI optimist. In one exhilarating hour, Scott will show you why AI has unprecedented potential to benefit humanity: from creating jobs to transforming healthcare.

AI video creation tools RunwayML and Pika Labs unveiled new features for greater control over camera movement and frame rate. RunwayML added Director Mode, enabling AI camera control to zoom and pan dynamically, while Pika launched 24fps video and image animation to make AI creations more cinematic.

Google's philanthropic arm just launched a $20M Digital Futures fund to support responsible AI development. Recipients like Aspen Institute and MIT will study societal impact, ethics, and policies, with Google prioritizing diverse voices to tackle risks like bias and existential threats.

A new report shows that Finnish inmates earn $1.67 an hour to label data to train AI models a program that aims to prepare prisoners for digital jobs after release. The work involves reading text and answering questions to help machines understand language.


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