Meta reveals 20 AI features!

PLUS: McDonald's launches 'Ask Pickles'

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Everyone in the AI world is talking about Google’s Gemini — but apparently, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a big horoscope guy.

Meta just charged ahead with its own updates, including a massive amount of new AI features and upgrades across its suite of social platforms. Let’s dig in…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Meta reveals major AI upgrades

  • McDonald's uses AI to aid workers

  • 9 new AI tools to try

  • How to recreate any image with AI

  • AI helps decode whale language

  • Alibaba video AI relies on scraped TikTok clips

  • Meta releases expressive voice translator demo

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Image source: Meta

The Rundown: Meta just revealed over 20 new AI-powered features in progress, spanning search, messaging, ads and more — plus upgrades to Meta AI assistant with a standalone image generator, IG Reels discovery, and more.

The details:

  • New capabilities on Facebook and Instagram leverage Meta's Emu models to remix group images, edit posts, create marketplace listings, and suggest replies for creators.

  • Meta AI gets more helpful responses, search result summaries, Reel recommendations, and more to upgrade users’ in-message experiences.

  • Meta also launched its image generator Imagine as a standalone app — with invisible watermarks to increase transparency on AI images.

The relevance: Despite Yesterday being all about Gemini, Meta clearly didn’t get the memo — with a massive drop of features set to infuse AI even more across their social platforms. Zuck and co. continue to ‘just ship it’.


The Rundown: AE Studio is the key to industry dominance, securing AI talent from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT to streamline operations.

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Image source: Getty Images

The Rundown: McDonald's is leveraging Google's generative AI tools to build digital upgrades — including an ‘Ask Pickles’ chatbot that provides restaurant employees guidance on equipment cleaning and maintenance.

The details:

  • The ‘Ask Pickles’ chatbot will train on manuals and data from McDonald's locations to instantly answer worker questions.

  • The chatbot is part of a broader tech overhaul using Google Cloud's edge computing to enable data gathering on everything from fryers to supply chains.

  • McDonald’s already uses AI for ordering at 100 drive-thus, with plans to expand its usage.

  • The massive amount of data from over 50,000 restaurants will be used to train AI models to continue optimizing systems and experiences.

Why it matters: AI thrives on large amounts of data — something that McDonald’s has no shortage of at its army of locations. With a reported over 40% of the company’s sales coming from digital channels, the fast-food giant is wisely doubling down on its tech infrastructure.


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Want to create your own cartoon avatar or an oil painting of a real image? It’s never been easier with the ability to upload images in DALLE-3. Follow the steps below to recreate any image in the style you want:

Analyze the photo: Upload the image and ask ChatGPT to describe it in detail.

Recreate it: Prompt DALL-E to generate a new version based on the previous description. You can ask for various styles or edits in any way you’d like — for the example below, we created an anime version of an uploaded Taylor Swift image.

Upscale resolution: After getting a generation you like, use AI photo enhancers like KREA or Magnific to sharpen details and boost quality.

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Are we about to be able to communicate with animals? Analysis aided by AI just revealed that sperm whale clicks contain recurrent vowel-like patterns and diphthongs — whale equivalents to human speech sounds. The research showcases AI’s promise in potentially cracking animal language mysteries.

Alibaba researchers' new "Animate Anyone” AI clones TikTok dances — but is coming under fire for being trained on a dataset scraping popular TikTok creators without consent. The situation adds yet another case to the growing list of copyright and usage complaints surrounding AI training data.

Meta just released a demo of its ‘SeamlessExpressive’ model, which enables speech translation across languages while maintaining key elements like vocal style, tone, and expressions. Try it out with your own voice here.

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