Is GPT 4.5 already here?

PLUS: TikTok company BANNED by OpenAI

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Is OpenAI about to leave a shiny new GPT model under the tree this holiday season?

Rumors are swirling that GPT 4.5 is here — with ‘leaked’ screenshots and ChatGPT responses pouring gas on the speculative fire. Let’s investigate…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Is GPT-4.5 here? Altman shoots down rumors

  • ByteDance caught misusing GPT for rival LLM

  • 9 new AI tools to try

  • How to get AI-powered summaries in Google Chrome

  • Grimes' Grok AI toy beats Musk’s bot to punch

  • DeepMind AI cracks unsolved math problem

  • New "romantic" AI companion goes viral

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Image source: Reddit

The Rundown: GPT-4.5 was trending across all social media over the weekend, with reports of users receiving responses indicating the model was already being utilized — despite OpenAI CEO Sam Altman denying circulating screenshots a couple of days prior.

The details:

  • The speculation started on Thursday with a ‘leaked‘ image showing a new GPT-4.5 model with new advanced multimodal capabilities and new pricing.

  • Sam Altman commented "nah" when asked if the rumors were true, with others also finding inconsistencies in the pricing on the ‘leaked’ (fake) screenshots.

  • Despite Altman’s comments, anonymous leakers said the CEO was just ‘trolling.‘

  • Over the weekend, users reported ChatGPT responding with ‘GPT 4.5-turbo’ when asked what model is currently running — though an OpenAI employee called it a ‘weird’ hallucination.

  • However, several reports claim ChatGPT had a significant upgrade and has been performing better than ever in the past 48 hours.

  • The official ChatGPT X account was tweeting in cryptic emojis as all of this happened, adding fuel to the speculation.

What this means: With Sam Altman and another OpenAI employee denying rumors, we probably won’t be getting a powerful new version of ChatGPT under the tree this holiday season. However, ChatGPT's improved performance indicates some sort of upgrade is in the works.


The Rundown: OctoAI delivers top-tier performance for open-source GenAI, enabling groundbreaking LLM performance with the latest Mixtral 8x7B.

With Mixtral on OctoAI:

  • 4x lower price per token than GPT 3.5 with open source flexibility

  • Experience the accuracy of the first major MoE-powered (Mixture of Experts) OSS LLM

  • One unified OpenAI compatible API to consume Mixtral, with the capability of serving a cocktail of models for dynamic generative AI


The Rundown: Leaked documents reveal TikTok parent ByteDance secretly relied on OpenAI's API to develop its Chinese ChatGPT competitor called ‘Project Seed’.

The details:

  • Almost every phase of Project Seed, a rushed 200B parameter model effort underway for about a year, reportedly tapped the OpenAI tech.

  • Project Seed was kicked off inside ByteDance ~1 year ago and has become a high-priority, secretive initiative since.

  • A person familiar with the matter said that ByteDance wants "to make sure everything is legal, but they really just don’t want to get caught."

  • The act is a direct violation of OpenAI's terms of service, which has resulted in a suspension of ByteDance's account from the platform.

Why it matters: It’s pretty wild to see a company of this size try to cut corners in the frenzied race to roll out AI products. The reveal also raises concerns about data pollution — with AI models being trained on other AI outputs potentially increasing hallucination risks.


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There’s a brand new powerful AI feature available directly in Google Chrome — unlocking instant summaries for any webpage with the click of a button.

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Grimes and Curio launched a line of AI-powered children’s plushies, with the singer voicing the three characters — one which shares the ‘Grok’ name with Elon Musk’s X chatbot. Curio reportedly filed a trademark for the name first, with the two ventures unrelated despite ties between Musk and Grimes.

A new DeepMind paper just revealed that LLMs suggested code that solved the previously unachievable ‘cap set’ math problem. Though still messy, the technique shows that AI can surface groundbreaking NEW ideas versus just hallucinations.

A startup just unveiled Digi —a customizable virtual companion billed as "the future of AI romantic companionship." While AI avatars and companion bots are all the rage, many are slamming the viral launch — arguing this use case exploits loneliness over technological progress.

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