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Over the past 15 months, as we’ve grown to over 550,000 subscribers, we've received an overwhelming number of requests for one specific thing.

While the newsletter helps keep you up to speed with AI news, many of you have asked for the next step: to learn how to actually apply AI in your work.

Today we’re finally announcing the solution with The Rundown AI University, and as a loyal newsletter reader, you'll have access to an exclusive offer at the end of this email.

What you’ll get by joining:

  • 100+ impactful AI workflows collected over the past year

  • A new AI tutorial every day to keep up with use cases

  • Weekly live & recorded implementation workshops

  • A network of the top 1% of AI early adopters

The Rundown: By joining the University, you’ll get instant access to over 100+ curated workflows and new tutorials every day to seamlessly integrate AI into your work.

The details: 

  • Instant access to over 100+ impactful AI workflows and use cases.

  • Keep up with the latest AI tools and techniques with a new tutorial every day.

  • Tutorials combine short videos, images, and text, to help you integrate AI in the fastest way possible.

  • Suggest a tutorial or ask for support on your workflows at any time to ensure your use case is covered.

Why it matters: Thanks to AI's speed, even the most groundbreaking AI course today will be obsolete in a month. The dynamic solution of creating tutorials daily, rather than a standalone course, makes sure you stay ahead of AI and never fall behind.

A few of our favorites:

The Rundown: By joining the University, you'll gain exclusive access to weekly workshops where you'll learn how the latest AI tools are shaping the future of work and how to implement them to stay ahead.

The details:

  • Workshops are held every Friday and taught by our AI expert in residence, Dr. Alvaro Cintas.

  • We keep it current and actionable through real-world use cases, demos, and implementation strategies.

  • Workshops are both live and recorded, but members who attend live will be able to ask direct questions.

  • If GPT-5 drops next week, we'll work around the clock to bring you a comprehensive workshop by Friday.

Why it matters: In the near future, every tech professional will need to use AI to stay competitive. By attending workshops, you’ll not only learn what the latest developments mean, but you’ll be in the small percentage of people actually taking advantage.

Sneak peek: In our first workshop, Dr. Cintas taught attendees how to replicate writing style and deploy AI agents in Claude 3. As a grand finale, we provided a free AI agent template, enabling attendees to deploy their first AI agent in seconds.

The Rundown: By joining the University, you're not just gaining access to a wealth of AI resources — you're becoming part of an elite group of early adopters.

The details:

  • Network with and learn from the top 1% of AI adopters across every industry.

  • Early adopters are working 2-4x faster by leveraging AI.

  • Our founding members are already sharing incredible content and engaging in discussion to support and inspire one another.

Why it matters: There are simply too many AI tools to try on your own — learning how others are integrating AI is the key to staying ahead. By joining the community, you’ll be able to access the brainpower of the top 1% of early adopters and grow smarter together.

At The Rundown University, your success is our top priority. So, we're offering you a unique opportunity to shape the University's content and direction while also offering a substantial discount.

Exclusive offer:

Simply complete this quick form with a suggestion for a tool, tutorial, use case, or workshop you'd like us to cover, and you’ll get a discount code for 50% off your first month of The Rundown University.

By sharing your input, you'll play a crucial role in ensuring that the content we provide is tailored to your specific needs and helps you master AI faster.

This is a one-time offer available only to The Rundown newsletter readers who reply to this launch email.

If you're not ready to join us just yet, no problem at all. Our newsletter will always remain free, and we'll continue to deliver the latest AI news straight to your inbox.

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