Secret AI startup unveils first wearable AI

PLUS: Twitter adds paywalls due to AI

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For us? Digging into the first wearable AI but more on that in a minute.

In todays AI rundown:

  • Humane unveils wearable AI projector

  • Twitter adds paywalls due to AI data scraping

  • Microsoft begins introducing Windows 11 AI Copilot

  • 5 New AI tools and 3 quick hits

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Source: Humane

The Rundown: An AI startup founded by ex-Apple designers called Humane unveiled the Ai Pin, a mini projector that attaches to clothing and aims to replace smartphones.


  • Humane has been stealing talent from Apple since 2018- while keeping its product a secret

  • Designed to clip to a breast pocket and aims to use voice to provide summaries of emails, language translation, and calendar invites

  • Features a camera and computer vision software that can recognize objects, like food nutrition labels

  • Can project an interactive interface onto nearby surfaces, such as the user's hand or a table

  • Collaborating with Qualcomm to develop the internal hardware

Noteworthy: We last saw this device demoed at the TED conference in April, and everyone was freaking out. Will it really replace smartphones, though? Well see.

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The Rundown: Launching an AI product is hard. But Innovating with AI launchedtwo new AI products in 1 month. They created a free video lesson and cheat sheet to help you do it yourself throughout the process.

Youll learn the following:

  • The AI Business Model Matrix: How to combine your skills, interests, and advanced AI tools in unique and exciting ways

  • The AI Venture Mindset: How to use rapid experimentation and industry uncertainty to your advantage

  • The AI Marketing Cookbook: Where to share and promote your new AI-powered business for maximum growth



The Rundown: Elon Musk and Twitter have instituted viewing limitations, forcing non-paying users to view a maximum of 600 posts per day due to data scraping by AI companies.


  • AI startups, such as ChatGPT, have been collecting Twitter data without permission leaving Elon unimpressed

  • Unverified accounts can now only view 600 posts per day, new unverified accounts can view 300, while verified accounts can see up to 6,000 posts.

  • Viewing limitations will soon increase to 8,000 tweets for verified users, 800 for unverified, and 400 for new unverified accounts

Why it matters: It seems like Elon is doing everything in his power to stop AI companies from stealing his precious data. Or maybe Elon just wants us Twitter trolls to touch some grass again.


Source: Microsoft

The Rundown: Microsoft has begun rolling out early previews of their AI-powered personal assistant for Windows 11 to insiders in the Dev Channel.

Key points:

  • To use Copilot, users must have Windows Build 23493 or higher in the Dev Channel and Microsoft Edge version 115.0.1901.150 or higher

  • Allows users to issue commands and have the AI automatically modify settings or perform actions in the operating system

  • While not replacing the search feature, Windows Copilot takes over from Cortana as the built-in Windows personal assistant.

Why it matters: Microsoft is completely dominating the AI space. First, they made a major comeback through Bing (who wouldve thought), and now they are integrating AI into the OS.


QRCode AI makes QR codes with AI beautifully

VirtualCoffee AI by Trivia sparks conversations in Slack using AI

YouTube transcripts by allows you to download and edit YouTube videos

Interview AI helps you get job ready with AI

Signum AI identifies buyer intents and helps you upsell to prevent churn

Supertools organizes 100s of AI tools for you in one spot


Researchers have developed an AI tool called CognoSpeak which streamlines the diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer's through cognitive tests, achieving a 90% accuracy rate in early trials.

Vietnam has mandated international social media platforms to deploy AI algorithms to automatically detect and remove "toxic" content, enhancing its strict regulation of such companies and echoing efforts across Southeast Asia to establish AI governance and ethics guidelines.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the "Terminator" series, claims that the artificial intelligence world predicted in the films has become a reality, with widespread fear about its future implications.


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