A huge ChatGPT competitor emerges

PLUS: Hidden Code Interpreter feature

Happy Wednesday!

Anthropic just dropped the second-gen version of its AI chatbot, and its incredible.

Lets get into it.

In todays AI rundown:

  • Anthropic launches ChatGPT competitor, Claude 2

  • beehiiv launches brand new AI features

  •  Hidden ChatGPT Code Interpreter feature

  • 6 New AI tools and 3 quick hits

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Image source: Anthropic

The Rundown: Claude 2, Anthropics ChatGPT competitor, just debuted its second-gen version of its AI chatbot and is available for public testing in the US and UK. Try it here.

Key points:

  • Can summarize up to 75,000 words, a massive leap compared to ChatGPT's 3,000-word limit

  • Claude-2's knowledge cutoff is early 2023, while GPT-4 is September 2021

  • Outperforms GPT4 on the GRE writing, HumanEval coding, and Bar exam

  • Has abilities similar to ChatGPT Code Interpreter

  • Import an entire PDF file and have Claude 2 summarize the entire document.

  • 5x cheaper than GPT-4 for developers

Why it matters: Claude 2 is creating a serious competitor to ChatGPT. With that being said, its the consumers who win in the end. More competition = faster AI developments.


The Rundown: A lack of coding skills shouldnt stop you from launching your own products. All you need is the right tools and technology.

Innovating with AI created a free cheat sheet to help you speedrun the entire process.

Youll learn the following:

  • Tools to launch AI-powered apps without code to quickly launch and validate ideas

  • How to use low-code AI to communicate flawlessly with software developers

  • How to connect existing business workflows to powerful AI models, without a single line of code


Image source: beehiiv

The Rundown: beehiiv, a newsletter creator platform, just launched brand new AI features, possibly changing the way newsletters are written forever.


  • AI Writing Assistant: Create content based on a users desired output, along with other parameters such as length, tone, etc.

  • AI Text Tools: Change the tone of voice, auto-correct, auto-complete, lengthen, shorten, simplify, and more.

  • AI Image Tools: Generate images without ever needing to leave the beehiiv editor.

  • AI Translator: Translates your content into any of the most popular languages in just a few clicks

Why it matters: Being able to translate your newsletter publication into multiple languages might have just unlocked a whole new world of possibilities.


Image source: Twitter, @DataChaz

The Rundown: A recent find on Twitter exposes that theres more to ChatGPTs code interpreter than meets the eye. Turns out, it also has facial recognition powers.


  • It uses a Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) based detector

  • Its able to detect faces from different angles and sizes

  • Check out this Twitter thread on a step-by-step of how to get ChatGPT to detect your face on video

  • With Code Interpreter enabled, try it using prompts such as how many people are in this image

The relevance: With Code Interpreter finally available to the general public, more and more continuously gets revealed. The feature is so good that theres even a theory that Code Interpreter is GPT 4.5.


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Swimm AI generates code documentation from scratch

儭 404 Error Hound finds and fixes website errors with AI

Wisely analyzes Amazon product pages and provides quick insights

Supertools organizes 100s of AI tools for you in one spot


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