GPT-5 is getting a body

PLUS: Microsoft's new Finance AI

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

The AI world is buzzing about GPT-5, wondering if OpenAI’s next release will be the first to bring AGI into the world.

But if the AI leader’s latest partnership is any indication, the next model may be more human than we ever imagined. Let's investigate...

In today’s AI rundown:

  • OpenAI takes robotics leap with Figure

  • Microsoft launches ‘Copilot for Finance’

  • Use Gemini to evaluate + solve household repairs

  • AI unlocks new prostate cancer findings

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Figure

The Rundown: Figure just officially announced its $675M funding round, alongside a shiny new collaboration with OpenAI — partnering to develop and infuse advanced AI capabilities into the startup’s humanoid robots.

The details:

  • OpenAI's newest AI models will be integrated into Figure's humanoid robots, enhancing their ability to process natural language commands.

  • The funding will accelerate commercial deployment, with Figure-01 robots already being integrated into BMW’s auto plants.

  • Figure recently demoed its robot completing real-world tasks completely autonomously, while most competitors share demos teleoperated behind the scenes.

Why it matters: Humanoid robots paired with industry-leading AI models are an extremely powerful combination — and given OpenAI Head of DevOps Logan Kilpatrick’s tweet: “The final form for ChatGPT is not chat, this partnership may be a major signal of the company’s grand vision.


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Image source: Microsoft

The Rundown: Microsoft just unveiled a finance-focused version of its AI assistant called Copilot for Finance, aimed at helping teams speed processes like reconciling data and tracking payments.

The details:

  • The AI tool integrates with existing financial platforms like Dynamics 365, as well as Microsoft apps like Outlook, Excel, and Teams.

  • Key benefits include streamlining audits, simplifying collections processes, and accelerating financial reporting.

  • Microsoft is also exploring future Copilot versions tailored for other sectors like marketing and supply chain management.

Why it matters: Microsoft is about to unlock major AI-powered automation, one enterprise sector at a time. With the company’s massive built-in user base and industry-standard business tools, integrating specialized AI across familiar apps is a savvy path toward mass adoption of the tech.


The Rundown: Recently, Google has integrated Gemini into its mobile apps. Having Gemini in your pocket can simplify the process of obtaining answers, suggestions, and instructional videos for simple household repair projects.

  1. Open the Google mobile app (iOS or Android) and switch to Gemini at the top.

  2. Capture a photo of the object that requires repair. Provide a description of the problem and ask for suggestions on how to fix it.

  3. You can ask additional questions based on the response to resolve the problem. If you've enabled the YouTube extension, try asking Gemini for YouTube videos that could assist with the repair.


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Image source: LRI EM Unit

The Rundown: A new study from Cancer Research UK just uncovered two previously unknown subtypes of prostate cancer using AI, laying the groundwork for personalized treatments and more accurate diagnosis.

The details:

  • Researchers analyzed prostate cancer data from 159 patients, using neural networks to compare samples.

  • The neural networks helped uncover two distinct subtypes, countering the previous medical opinion that prostate cancer is a single type of disease.

  • The findings could help better inform diagnosis and personalized treatments for one of the most common cancers found in men.

Why it matters: With yet another groundbreaking cancer finding, it’s abundantly clear that AI is going to completely revolutionize our understanding and treatment of the world’s deadliest diseases. A cure for cancer feels closer than ever.


  • 🎨 Freepik Pikaso- Create and edit images in real-time through the power of simple drawing

  • 🚀 AdsGency AI- Boost ad performance with AI-driven optimization and creative content generation

  • 🖼️ Ideogram- Helps you create stunning, photorealistic images from text

  • 👨🏼‍💻 Velvet- Query and ship data-driven product features easily

  •  Summarize- AI-driven summaries of YouTube videos, saving you time

  • 🤖 Blobr- AI business assistant that helps you make the right decisions

  • 👩🏻‍💻 Open AI- Senior Executive Assistant Manager

  • 🧰 Cohere- Senior Modelling Product Manager, Data & Tools

  • 👮🏻‍♂️ Anthropic- Software Engineer, Trust & Safety

  • 🐝 Hive- Product Manager, AutoML at Hive


Vimeo launched Vimeo Central, an AI-powered video hub for enterprises consolidating video content, meetings, and analytics into one platform.

Security researchers discovered over 100 malicious AI models on the popular hub HuggingFace capable of executing code on users’ machines and establishing backdoors.

TikTok parent company ByteDance is reportedly going ‘all in’ on generative AI, with the release of Sora heightening the urgency of the company to double down on the tech.

Brave rolled out its Leo AI assistant to Android users, with the ability to choose between LLMs to handle in-browser tasks with a focus on privacy.

Bench IQ announced a $2.1M pre-seed funding round for its legal AI tailored to help law firms better understand the decision-making of judges.

Morph Studio introduced a new partnership with Stability AI, allowing users to create and edit films using AI-generated clips.

Subaru unveiled a new partnership with Dell, with plans to use AI to enhance the safety capabilities of its EyeSight Driver Assist technology.



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