GPT-5 in progress as OpenAI eyes AGI

PLUS: NVIDIA reveals new AI superchip

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OpenAI just revealed it's already working on GPT-5, seeking Microsoft's funds to train the expensive successor in a relentless pursuit of AGI.

The blistering progress makes us wonder is the world ready for what comes next? Lets get into it

In todays AI rundown:

  • OpenAI confirms it's working on GPT-5, advanced AI agents

  • NVIDIA launches new H200 chip for advanced AI workloads

  • 10 new AI tools to try

  • How to build AI agents with GPT Builder

  • AI robot chemist cooks up oxygen on Mars

  • Google eyes big stake in chatbot startup Character AI

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman just revealed the company is actively working on GPT-5 and expects to raise more money from Microsoft to advance the goal of creating AGI.

The details:

  • OpenAI is currently working on advanced autonomous software agents and GPT-5, requiring more data and computing power.

  • The company has massive costs of training increasingly complex AI models and is seeking additional funds from Microsoft.

  • Altman says the training will require procuring more data, both public and private, to improve the model.

The relevance: Last week at DevDay, Sam Altman said that this years announcements would look quaint compared to next year. If GPT-5 is on the table We may be in for a wild ride.


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Image source: NVIDIA

The Rundown: NVIDIA just announced their new H200 GPU chip based on the Hopper architecture, a powerful upgrade aimed at accelerating generative AI.

The details:

  • The H200 features up to 141GB of memory, providing nearly double the capacity and 2.4x more bandwidth than the previous A100 chip.

  • Upgrades allow the H200 to handle massive data requirements of large genAI models and high-performance workloads.

  • The H200 will start shipping in computer servers from major manufacturers beginning in mid-2024, and will also be available in NVIDIA's GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip.

Our thoughts: The H200's expanded memory and bandwidth seem optimized to push the boundaries of large generative models and its getting hard to fathom the power these future chips will have. Will this be the push NVIDIA needs to join the top 5 largest publicly traded companies?


 Deepgram- Instantly transcribe conversations in multiple languages with the industry-leading Nova-2 model (link)*

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Lebesgue- Scraping global marketing data to make your marketing work (link)

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OpenAI's new custom GPTs allow anyone to build their own AI agents. By using Actions and Zapier, you can automate your work across 1000+ apps.

Here's an advanced tutorial on how to add actions to your custom GPTs:

What are actions? Actions allow you to connect custom GPTs to an external app using an API. For our example, were connecting my GPT to Zapier, allowing it to post to LinkedIn on our behalf.

Configure your GPT & Add actions: Ensure you have an existing custom agent set up first. In GPT Builder, click "Add actions" then "Import from URL" to connect an app API.

Import Zapier (example): Use Zapier to automate across 1000+ apps. Create actions in Zapier by connecting your GPT and target apps.

Configure the Zap: Link accounts, set triggers, and name the Zap. Select "Have AI guess" for custom fields.

Add Zap instructions: Paste the Zapier rule syntax under your existing GPT instructions. Then, edit your actions to customize rules with your Zap's name and confirmation URL.

Test and refresh: Confirm your GPT can authenticate and trigger the automated workflow.

With custom actions, your GPT agents can integrate with other apps to work on your behalf automate your workflows seamlessly!


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Chinese researchers just built an AI robot that can extract oxygen from Martian water. By analyzing meteorites, the bot created a catalyst to unlock oxygen from H2O no Earth imports needed. The AI chemist hints at a future where AI unlocks resources across the solar system.

Google is negotiating a massive investment in Character.AI in the hundreds of millions, according to a report from Reuters. A deal would deepen ties between the generative AI chatbot darling and Google Cloud with the startup already using Googles services and Tensor chips.

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