Google I/O's AI avalanche

PLUS: Ilya Sutskever officially quits OpenAI

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Google’s highly anticipated I/O Developer Conference just got rolling — and day one already featured an avalanche of new AI announcements.

From huge Gemini model updates, a new video generation model, AI agents and more, the tech giant just took things to a whole new level. Let’s break it all down…

In today’s AI rundown:

  • Google’s Gemini updates and Sora competitor

  • New AI agents and AI search upgrades

  • Use ChatGPT's highlighting for context

  • Ilya Sutskever officially quits OpenAI

  • 6 new AI tools & 4 new AI jobs

  • More AI & tech news

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Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google just kicked off its I/O Developer’s Conference, announcing a wide array of updates across its AI ecosystem — including enhancements across its flagship Gemini model family and a new video generation model to rival OpenAI’s Sora.

Gemini model updates:

  • New updates to 1.5 Pro include a massive 2M context window extension and enhanced performance in code, logic, and image understanding.

  • Gemini 1.5 Pro can also utilize the long context to analyze a range media types, including documents, videos, audio, and codebases.

  • Google announced Gemini 1.5 Flash, a new model optimized for speed and efficiency with a context window of 1M tokens.

  • Gemma 2, the next generation of Google’s open-source models, is launching in the coming weeks, along with a new vision-language model called PaliGemma.

  • Gemini Advanced subscribers can soon create customized personas called ‘Gems’ from a simple text description, similar to ChatGPT GPTs.

Video and image model upgrades:

  • Google revealed a new video model called Veo, capable of generating over 60-second, 1080p resolution videos from text, image, and video prompts.

  • The new Imagen 3 text-to-image model was also unveiled with better detail, text generation, and natural language understanding than its predecessor.

  • VideoFX text-to-video tool, featuring storyboard scene-by-scene creation and the ability to add music to generations.

  • VideoFX is launching in a ‘private preview’ in the U.S. for select creators, while ImageFX (with Imagen 3) is available to try via a waitlist.

Why it matters: Gemini’s already industry-leading context window gets a 2x boost, enabling endless new opportunities to utilize AI with massive amounts of information. Additionally, Sora officially has competition with the impressive Veo demo — but which one will make it to public access first?

Google’s announcements were too big to fit in one section — keep scrolling for more updates from I/O.


The Rundown: Leading engineers have cracked the code on achieving top-quality AI performance at a fraction of the cost. The secret? Fine-tuning small open-source models and running them on OctoAI's optimized infrastructure.

Learn from OctoAI’s experts about:

  • The benefits of fine-tuning for content moderation use cases

  • Efficient dataset creation and fine-tuning techniques for Mixtral 7B

  • Achieving GPT-4 quality at 60x lower costs

Read the blog to dive into the details — then sign up to bring your fine-tuned model to OctoAI today.


Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google just showcased its new AI agent project ‘Project Astra’, alongside a slew of updates to infuse AI across search and enable Gemini to reason and take more advanced actions for users.

Progress on AI agents:

  • Google announced Project Astra, a real-time AI agent prototype that can see, hear, and take actions on a user’s behalf.

  • The demo showcased a voice assistant responding to what it sees and hears, including code, images, and video — capable of advanced reasoning and recall.

  • Public access for Astra is expected through the Gemini app later this year.

  • Google also showed off ‘AI teammates’, agents that can answer questions on emails, meetings, and other data within Workspace.

  • Live is also rolling out in the coming months, allowing users to speak and converse with Gemini in near real-time.

Search upgrades:

  • Google Search now features expanded AI Overviews, advanced planning capabilities, and AI-organized search results.

  • Gemini will be able to execute more complex planning, such as planning, maintaining, and updating trip itineraries.

  • Search will also receive ‘multi-step reasoning’ capabilities, allowing Gemini to break down questions and speed up research.

  • Users can also now ask questions with video, allowing Search to analyze visual content and provide helpful AI Overviews.

Why it matters: We officially have a new voice assistant battle — with OpenAI and Google both showcasing mind-blowing new capabilities in just the last two days alone.

Also, despite rumblings of an OpenAI search product and excitement over platforms like Perplexity, it’s going to be difficult to unseat the king of search. Especially as they integrate advanced AI across the entire ecosystem in an impressive fashion.

See Google’s I/O keynote and more footage from the conference here.


The Rundown: ChatGPT now allows you to highlight parts of its responses for quick follow-up questions, partial response rewrites, reusing old context, and more.


  1. Prompt ChatGPT and generate a response.

  2. Highlight relevant parts of the response you want to follow-up on and click the double quote icon above the highlighted text.

  3. The highlighted text will be automatically added in the next prompt so you can ask for clarification, rewrites, counterpoints, and more.


The Rundown: Notta Showcase empowers users to effortlessly translate videos into 15+ languages while retaining original voice style — making it easier than ever to expand content to a global audience.

This AI video translator is perfect for:

  • Content creators wanting to expand their reach on YouTube and TikTok

  • Businesses aiming to create multilingual promo videos and scale a customer base

  • Educators looking to make learning resources accessible to non-native speakers

Try Notta Showcase for free today and unlock your video’s potential worldwide.


  • 🎨 Google VideoFX - Generate photorealistic video powered by new model Veo

  • 🏔️ Blockade Labs Model 3 - Generate 8K fully immersive art for Skybox AI

  • 💻 Stunning - Answer a few questions about your business and generate a full website

  • ✍️ Writesonic - Create accurate and SEO-optimized content with AI

  • 🔎 devv - AI-powered search engine for developers

  • 💵 Era - Smart money management powered by AI and human advisors

  • 📣 OpenAI - Media Relations, Policy Communications

  • 📋 Lambda - Sourcing Manager

  • 🏢 C3 AI - General Manager, Federal Systems

  • 💼 Glean - Accounting Manager


OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever is officially leaving the company, with both he and CEO Sam Altman sharing the news via posts on X.

TikTok is testing AI-generated search results using ChatGPT for in-app search queries like recipes and tech recommendations with a new "search highlights" feature at the top of results pages.

Google announced Trillium, its 6th-generation TPUs that deliver 4.7x the performance of the previous model for advanced AI model training and tasks.

Elon Musk’s xAI is reportedly nearing a $10B deal with Oracle to rent cloud servers in an effort to compete with AI rivals like OpenAI and Google.

Entrepreneur and All In host David Sacks launched Glue, a new startup that provides AI services that integrate with apps like Google Meet and Zoom.

Verizon announced new AI tools to enhance customer service, including a personal research assistant, resolution ‘Fast Pass,’ and in-store experiences to streamline support and customer satisfaction.



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