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PLUS: Dr. ChatGPT's diagnostic power

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

Google is reportedly starting to open up access to its hyped-up GPT-4 competitor, Gemini.

Will the tech giants new LLM reshuffle the AI race? Lets get into it.

In todays AI rundown:

  • Google gives early Gemini AI access

  • ChatGPT competes with Google on diagnoses

  • 儭 8 New AI tools

  • Create your own AI art illusions

  • 3 Quick AI updates

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Image source: Google

The Rundown: Google has reportedly given a small group of companies early access to test its conversational AI system Gemini, as the buzz around the LLM rival to OpenAI's GPT-4 continues to grow.

The details:

  • Gemini is able to power chatbots, summarize text, write content, and more with companies testing a smaller version of the full model.

  • Google aims to make Gemini widely available via its Google Cloud platform, competing with OpenAI's API access.

  • The search giant also recently added AI features to Search and enterprise tools but Gemini is its biggest generative AI play yet.

  • An anonymous source claimed that Gemini will be trained on YouTube video transcripts (per Android Police).

Why it matters: In the LLM frenzy, the winner will likely have access to the largest and richest training dataset. And if Google is training Gemini across YouTube, Google Search, Google Books, and Google Scholar it will surely give GPT-4 a run for the top spot.


The Rundown: From out-of-content ideas to an SEO-optimized article in 30 seconds.

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Image source: Midjourney

The Rundown: A new study from Emory University shows AI chatbots like ChatGPT can diagnose symptoms more accurately than online symptom checkers. But experts still urge caution when relying on the unproven tech.

Key points:

  • ChatGPT matched or beat physicians on eye condition triage with no "grossly inaccurate" statements.

  • Other studies also show high accuracy versus symptom checkers and better bedside manner than doctors.

  • Mayo Clinic, WebMD, and others are currently integrating conversational AI into their platforms.

  • This research comes just days after a viral story of a boy who saw 17 doctors for chronic pain but and was finally diagnosed by ChatGPT.

The relevance: Weve all rushed to Google to play doctor with our symptoms at one time or another and it sounds like AI may be a promising new option for self-diagnosis.

With that being said, critics say marginally beating Google is a low bar and more oversight is needed before users can blindly trust Dr. ChatGPT.


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If youve been on Twitter/X lately, you might have seen the viral AI illusion art trend started by @MrUgleh.

Since their original post captivated the internet a few days ago, many have been experimenting with the art style for themselves and now you can too!

Step 1: Visit @AngryPenguinPNGs Illusion Diffusion project

Step 2: Chose your illusion type (select one of the pre-loaded examples or upload your own)

Step 3: Write the prompt you want to create. You can also play with the Illusion Strength and Guidance Scale bars to tweak outputs as desired.

Step 4: Click Run and wait for the model to generate your image!

Happy creating, and have fun putting your own twist on this nifty art style!

Image source: @MrUgleh on X


Using the power of AI, Fiverr's expert freelancers can take your workflows to the next level. Take advantage of the revolution with custom AI programs tailored to your business.

UK PM Rishi Sunak is considering banning Chinese officials from part of his big AI safety summit over growing spying fears. Sunak aims to shape worldwide AI rules at the event but global tensions with the East might make this AI party a bit awkward.

AI startup Anthropic is partnering with BCG to bring ChatGPT rival Claude-2 to the consulting giants clients. The alliance aims to boost the adoption of Anthropic's tech across enterprises, with BCG hailing Anthropics constitutional approach to building safe AI.


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